Steve Irwin: Remembering the Beloved ‘Crocodile Hunter’ on His Special Day

Steve Irwin, doing what he loved best, being a badass croc wrangler!

*In case you didn’t know, November 15, is Steve Irwin Day! If you’re anything like a gazillion people (including me) who are Crocodile Hunter fans you’re probably watching ‘Animal Planet’ right now; listening to Steve and his easily identifiable, unmistakably strong, Australian accent. At the moment he is removing staples from the body of a huge python. Lucky for him, the snake can’t bite because its devouring a huge animal with huffs (an elk or something).

Irwin is a pro, and the rescue was strategic all the way. With the reptiles mouth occupied, it was the only way Irwin and his teammate could free the snake from staples it had endured by some act of cruelty. They waited until the animal had no option to bite them, then moved in to save it from the painful spikes.

Irwin — a professional zookeeper and conservationist — worked with animals all of his life and they loved him. The original “Badass” of the animal kingdom, there was no mistaking Irwin’s love for the animals and even more, his respect for them.

On this day Steve’s daughter Bindi, wrote a touching post on her @bindisueirwin Instagram.

Steve, for those who may not have known, actually followed in his father’s footsteps. And being a family affair of sorts, you’d better believe Irwin’s awesome wife, Terri, was never far behind her husband and his wildlife adventures.

Sidebar: Oh god! Now he’s instigating an alligator who has sensed he is injured (Steve has a bandaged hand!). He says, “That’s when they getcha!”

Steve Irwin was very passionate about teaching guests at his zoo, as well as the TV audience, about the animals he worked with.

In her tender tribute to her dad, Bindi wrote:

“November 15. Steve Irwin Day. Today we remember all that Dad achieved for wildlife and wild places around the world. He taught me that we must all treat animals the way we wish to be treated.

“I think that his advice applies to both animals and people. In order to protect our planet, we must first learn to be kind in every part of life. If we are able to show kindness for each other we can be kind to our wildlife and in turn, our planet.

These two adored each other!

“I strive to encourage people to remember that conservation is not only about the cute and cuddly creatures, but also our crocodiles, snakes and sharks. We are all connected in some way.”

The Irwin family: Terri, Steve and a tiny Bindi.

Bindi, 19, has grown into a beautiful young woman who has followed in her father’s footsteps.

This 2013 photo of Bindi Irwin shows she is following in her dad’s footsteps for sure.

Pictured below, EURweb senior editor, DeBorah B. Pryor shares a family photo where her grandson, Destin, and his dad, comedian/actor/humanitarian Chris Tucker, spent time with The Crocodile Hunter when the child was a toddler.

In this year 2000 photo, Steve Irwin and Chris Tucker cradle Destin, the comedian’s young son, who is now 19.

We miss you Steve Irwin. Your exciting legacy lives on. 




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