Too Crazy NOT to Share: Pilot Forced to Change Flight Course After Woman Learns Her Husband is Cheating

*I’m SO glad these folks weren’t Black. A plane headed towards Bali from Doha (in Qatar) had to make an emergency landing because of woman decided to do some snooping on the phone of her sleeping husband.

A husband, mind you, who obviously thought his privacy was safe because he has a fingerprint ID for access.

Apparently, he didn’t think broad enough. As he was sleeping his wife decided to get that fingerprint and gain access to his phone.

Lawd have mercy!

He never knew what hit him! The flight attendants couldn’t calm the Iranian woman down. She went ballistic after what she discovered on the phone. 

The poor pilot of the Qatar Airways flight had to make an emergency landing in India to let the woman, her husband and their child off the plane.

According to what an unnamed source told The Hindustan Times,  “The family spent the day at Chennai airport. No police action was taken.”

However the New Indian Express may have shed more light on the incident because truly, weren’t you wondering why all of a sudden the woman decided to go to such extremes to see if her husband was cheating?

The Express reported that airport director G Chandramouli claimed the woman was drunk and said the family was not allowed to board a subsequent flight until she had sobered up.

Uh-Huh! Of course that doesn’t make what HE did right. Jus’ sayin’.




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