Social Media Viewers Demand Update on White Officer Seen Raping Black Teen on Camera

*OK. I’m going to get REAL, real here and to borrow a line from Cardi B, I “Honestly, don’t give a f**k ’bout who ain’t fond o’ me” for saying this…

I know for a fact if this had happened to a white girl the headline would be different. In other words, I would know the answer.

We all would. And there would be no question whether this cop has been identified and dealt with.

But since the incident involves a young Black girl, or a girl of color, we’re still asking questions because apparently, Black lives DON’T matter…still.

In the graphic and beyond disturbing video (scroll down), an incident that apparently occurred in 2016 is making its rounds on social media again because Black folk especially are mad as hell wondering if this dirty cop is still on payroll.

These folk realize that had this happened to a white girl, all hell would’ve broken loose by now.

We’ve seen evidence of how this goes with the Harvey Weinstein scandal; and the #MeToo campaign ignited by a Black woman 10 years ago to no fanfare…at all.

In the video, which people say YouTube keeps taking down, a white cop is clearly raping a teen girl. The girl is thought to be Black; but at least one online comment says she is a Latina and to be honest, she does look to be so to me.

It doesn’t matter. It’s a disgrace either way. But its worth mentioning if only to show how such an incident is treated when it doesn’t involve a white woman.

First the cop is seen hovering over the girl in a threatening stance; then you see him on top of her before he turns her over, handcuffs her, punches her as she struggles and proceeds to rape her.

You will hear the women who share this video say the cop has done this before. I don’t know how they know this; but I’d take a guess that they are right.

Throughout history white men have hungered for Black women and truly hated themselves for it. The guilt alone at feeling this has brought many white men to do atrocious things to themselves and to others. This video is merely another demonstration of that truth.

The video is very disturbing so be warned.

Also, there is an “update” that presents an interesting twist to at least one part of the story.

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UPDATE: Upon further research, Blue Lives Matter responded to the charge that it was a white NYPD officer in the video raping the woman.

Editor’s sidebar: Now, I know what you’re thinking, but truth is what we want, right? So we’ve got to listen to ALL sides.

They say that the officer seen attacking the teen was identified as Frederick Soldaat, a South African police officer who was caught raping a 15-year-old girl on camera inside of a jail cell on August 30th, 2016. 

The source says not only was it NOT an NYPD officer. It wasn’t even an American officer and the incident did not occur in America, the source explains. 

OK. For the record, I did an image search on the name Frederick Soldaat of South Africa, and it is clear to me that the man shown in that image — a man of color — does not resemble the man shown in the original video. Even with his back to us, you can tell it is a different man.

Here’s the South African man who goes by that name.

Here’s the officer in the video.



Blue Lives Matter, we entertained your argument and have come to the conclusion, at least as far as the photo, you’re a goddamn lie! We don’t believe you. 


Here’s the video. Please be warned: it is graphic.

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  1. I am from SA and our police uniforms are blue and not black as clearly seen in this video compared to the South African police officer in the picture.

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