Tenn. Mother Claims Son, 10, Killed Himself After She Beat, Choked Him (Watch)

Jaheim McKinzie, 10

*Jaheim McKinzie got so angry after his mom beat and choked him that he ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed himself in the chest.

An hour later, at the hospital, he would be dead.

That is the story the boy’s mother, Robin McKinzie, told police when they arrived at her apartment on Shady Vista to find the boy alive, but unresponsive.

McKinzie admitted to police that she had beaten and even choked the boy as a form of punishment before he took a knife to himself. 

The child, a 4th grader at Cornerstone Denver Prep., was apparently very well-liked in the community and neighbors are said to be in total disbelief about the news.

One neighbor, Traimaine King, told WMC Action News, “My heart is hurting because I see him all the time.”

“Everybody had love for this child,” she told another media outlet.

Yet there was something else this woman said that might disturb you greatly. It did me. She seemed to speak admirably of Jaheim’s mother; even calling her “a good mother” and saying she “never meant for this to happen.”

While it may not be too far fetched to believe that a little boy could get so angry that his young, emotional and impressionable mind could only think of a way to get back at the mother who he thought obviously wanted him dead; you can’t ignore the fact that this woman choked her son as a form of discipline.

What “good mother”chokes her kid?  

Robin McKinzie

Still, King does say that Jaheim was “a bad little boy” but adds he was no different than any other kid.

McKinzie is charged with aggravated child abuse and child endangerment. She has not been charged in his death.

My heart. My heart.

His school is said to be setting up a GoFundMe account to help with burial expenses and neighbors will hold a candlelight vigil for Jaheim on Wednesday.

Watch the WMC Action News 5 video report directly below.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

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