Want to Be A Flight Attendant? Delta’s Hiring!

*I don’t know about you, but being a Flight Attendant was one of my childhood dreams. Of course the main influence was the desire to travel all around the world for free. I didn’t really have the wisdom to think about all else that came with the job; salary, expectations, etc. But that dream was right up there with veterinarian all all the others kids think about.

Well, dream no more. On Monday, Delta Airlines announced they will hire 1,000 new Flight attendants. If this is a dream you’re still trying to live…and you feel you may be qualified, here’s what you have to do. 

Now before you go thinking this will be a breeze let me warn you: landing a job with the airline will be very, very competitive. They had a hiring spree in 2016; 150,000 people applied for the job, but only 6,000 got in-person interviews.

So bring your game every step of the way!

Out of that 6K, Delta only hired 1,200 new flight attendants — less than 1% of the applicant pool.

Jus’ saying.

Below are just the minimum requirements for the initial app process.

The ideal candidate must have a high school degree (or GED), be able to work in the U.S., and speak/read/write English fluently.

Other minimum requirements include:

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule
  • Willingness to comply with uniform and appearance guidelines, including no visible tattoos piercings like earlobe plugs.
  • Ability to obtain and keep current a passport and travel documents to freely enter and exit places where Delta flies
  • Successfully complete a pre-employment U.S. Department of Transportation drug test and comprehensive background check, including government-required fingerprint-based criminal history records check
  • Ability to work in a physically demanding role which requires frequent standing, walking, bending, stooping, pushing, pulling, reaching and lifting (i.e., pushing/pulling beverage or food carts and lifting and opening emergency aircraft doors)

?After making it through the highly competitive and exhaustive selection process, they put all their previous experience and skills to the test during our flight attendant initial training,? said Allison Ausband, Delta?s senior vice president of In-Flight Service.

There is an eight-week training program that takes place at the Delta headquarters in Atlanta. This will require participants to complete tests on everything from CPR, putting out fires, water evacuations and meal presentations.

How much do flight attendants make? Now we’re getting down to the brass taxes, as the saying goes. Learn about salary, benefits and more at Yahoo Finance.

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