Black Female Judge Spends 20 Minutes ‘Reading’ Racist Cop

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Vonda Evans

*“Our society is reactionary not preventative. We would rather save a few dollars to balance the budget, than pay millions of dollars to reverse a tragedy that we could’ve prevented.” This undeniable truth came from the mouth of African American Judge Vonda Evans following a 20-minute sentencing lesson she gave before revoking the bond that had been given to George Melendez.

The defendant in the 2015 brutality case Floyd Dent; an African American man who was stopped by Melendez for a minor traffic violation on January 28, and despite his compliance with the officer’s demands, was hit 16 times by the cop prior to even more beatings by Melendez and his backup officers.

This article is not just to hash up old news; its worth revisiting. Its an article that I hope you will read because the judge in this case deserves accolades for taking the time to teach in her courtroom. Never before have I witnessed a sentencing of this nature. This judge no doubt took this particular case personal, as any Black person — professional or not would have; but it is clear in her content that she spent quality time assessing the psychological as well as the physical and mental aspects involved and brought back her professional opinion without apology.

Judge Evans said, “I know Mr. Dent would give back every dime of his million dollar settlement to go back to where he was in his life before January 28.”

She then stated…

“I wonder what would one half of that $1.4M settlement awarded to Mr. Dent have done for the Inkster Police Department training officers that WANTED to serve and not hiring officers that didn’t belong.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to where Judge Evans’ sentencing diatribe goes. The 21:03 minute demands our attention, rightfully so.

And from the comments of the online community, many of whom are among the 653, 596 views — some people even beg her to run for president or at least some office. Oh yeah, I’d say she has definitely hit a nerve and this is a story worth repeating

Scroll down to watch the powerful video.




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