Yikes! 10 ‘Real Murder Houses’ Folks Are Living In Today (Watch)

Can you guess who lived in this home? Here’s a hint: You hungry? (See the answer in the video at the end)

*Goodness! Those of us aged enough to know certainly remember the headlines that had the names Tate-LaBiana, Jon Benet Ramsey, Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman in them. These headlines drew us in to the content that revealed the gruesome murders that took over the nation at one time.

These families are still suffering and our hearts still go out to them.

Many of us think of these people and the crimes committed against them; especially when something happens that reminds us. That “something” this time was the release of OJ Simpson, the new series that focuses on the Menendez brothers, and the sick times we live in right now; where a man feels he has the right to blow out his 32nd floor hotel suite and release a deluge of bullets to unsuspecting concert goers below.

I found myself wondering what will become of the room that Stephen Paddock committed his devilish crime in? Then I started thinking about the homes that had at one time been the scene of a horrendous crime and wondered if they are being lived in today.

…and learned they are.

I think it must take a particular type of person to move into a home that someone was murdered in…and actually know it.

Here are 10 homes where a person or people were murdered; and is today occupied by someone.

SMH!The Tate-LaBianca Murders (Southern California, August 1969)

That crazy piece of sh*t named Charles Manson is still behind bars for orchestrating this crime. Actress Sharon Tate was eight-and-a-half months pregnant and when she begged for the life of her child, one of the four Manson followers looked at her and said:

“Look bitch, I don’t care about you. I don’t care if you are having a baby. You are going to die and I don’t feel a thing about it.”

After slaughtering the beautiful actress, whose husband was director Roman Polanski, these turds used her blood to write PIG on the family’s front door.

As if that were not pathetic enough…

The “family” (as Charles Manson would identify them) went to supermarket executive Leno LaBianca’s house the next day and murdered him and his wife in a similar fashion. They left a fork used to carve the word WAR on his belly sticking out of his corpse. Charles Manson himself joined in on this sickness because he felt the murder the previous night was “sloppy.”

After the murders, a Filipino couple (rumored to be friends of Imelda Marcos) bought the LaBianca house. Over time, there have been some renovations; both a pool and carport have been added and the address has been changed from 3301 to 3311. The house was sold again in 1998 for $375,000.

The Murder of Little Beauty Princess, JonBenet Ramsey (Colorado, December 25, 1996)

Home of the Ramsey family. Six-year-old JonBenet was found in the basement on Christmas Day…eight hours after she was said to be “missing.”

This pisses many of us off to this day. Especially since “the real killer” has yet to be positively identified; but the parents have been suspects…the ONLY suspects seeing as they were the only ones in the house where the girl was killed.

Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet’s mother, passed away in 1996 from Ovatian cancer.

Carol Schuller Milner, the daughter of televangelist Robert Schuller, bought the long vacant property in 2004, but spent little time there as projects kept pulling her and her family back to California. They put it up for sale twice before 2011 and had no takers any of the times it was listed.

Milner says of the property: “Some people are making this a dark monument as opposed to thinking about the restoration that can occur after a tragedy. Death is not the last word, and God is not bound by death. I just don’t believe it’s in his character to abandon us, and that affects my ability to look at this house and see all the beautiful things about it.”

As the say, “how’s that workin’ out for ya, honey?”

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (June 1994)

Another “unsolved mystery” the condo of Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of O. J. Simpson, who was slaughtered along with her best friend, Ronald Goldman, sat empty for two years after the crime. It had been put on the market for the low sale price of  $795,000 — a steal in the exclusive Brentwood area of Los Angeles even at that time — and finally sold for $200,000 less.

The poor folks who own this still has to contend with gawker’s and media who flock to the property every chance they get.

There’s seven more of these morbid memories. See them here . But before you go…

Remember I asked who’s home was at the top of this story? See the video below (you’ll see his name in the title). Of course you youngin’s will need to Google his crimes.


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