Oh No You Didn’t! Chinese Museum Compares Black People to Apes in Exhibit (Watch)


*A museum in China has apparently gone to great lengths to stabilize their racism. In an exhibit that encompasses an entire room, Black people are shown in huge photographs juxtaposed to wild animals. Yes, you see the black boy above next to the ape, each with their mouth similarly ajar.

But wait until you see the 50-cent looking dude pictured next to the lion in the video (scroll down); and other Black men and boys beside a variety of wild animals. Its obviously fascinating to the Chinese patrons who move slowly from photograph to photograph; some even taking pictures with their cellphones.

It’s a day at the museum! You even hear children playing in the background, and a voice-over — most likely giving commentary on what the patrons are seeing.

…of course its in Chinese. 

Is it any wonder why the Chinese act as they do towards Black people once they reach America? They must have another exhibit in Korea.

Of course the online community went…how shall we say?


…and as a result, the unmistakably, irrevocably racist and insensitive exhibit has been taken down.

I say, too late muthaf**kers.


  According to Naturally Moi

The video got uploaded to Instagram by a Nigerian, Edward E. Duke, showing art lovers admiring the exhibits at the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan.

The website continues…

The photography exhibit in Hubei was expected to end last week. According to the state news media, more than 170,000 people had visited the exhibition, which went up during a national holiday.

Look just like Fiddy, don’t he?

As reported by The New York Times, Mr. Yu, a photographer and vice chairman of the Hubei Photographers Association, has visited Africa nearly 20 times.

Wang Yuejun, a curator at the exhibit, said the decision to hang the photos of people and animals together was his idea, and not that of Mr. Yu.

?Chinese audience was the target of the exhibition,? Mr. Wang said in a statement. ?Chinese people like comparisons between people and animals, often taken as a compliment.

Oh so its a compliment.


See for yourself in the video below. Let us know if you feel complimented.

Source: Naturally Moi

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