Did You See That? Hotels Known to Have Ghosts

Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California

*Have you been listening to the radio lately? One particular iHeart radio station has people calling in and talking about paranormal things they’ve experienced. I’ve heard women speak of their beds being lifted off the floor; their cars being pushed uphill when they are in a certain area famous for being spooky because children in a school bus died at the scene. That same story came equipped with the fact that, if you looked in your rear-view mirror, you could actually see the little hand prints of those children.

Lord, y’all ain’t gonna worry me.

But look. In the interest of the Halloween holiday, and hey, I am not going to say some of these things did not happen, here are hotels known for having spooky sh*t go down.

If you like taking risks, go ‘head. If you survive, come back and tell us if what they are known for is legit.

Here you go! First up…

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Pictured above)

They say the ghost of Marilyn Monroe walks through this glamorous hotel. She actually lived at the Roosevelt Hotel for two years while her modeling career was taking off. The hotel is also reported to have cold spots, photographic orbs and the hotel operator is said to get “mysterious” phone calls.

Stanley Hotel

Er…what’s that standing on the left at the very top of the stairs? The hotel guest who snapped this photo at Colorado’s Stanley Hotel said its a ghost. All of that aside, the creepy-looking architecture was enough to inspire horror writer, Stephen King, to use the setting for “The Shining.” I hear the hotel even has ghost tours, including a five-hour ghost hunt and popular night tour. You game?

Hotel Chelsea

There’s quite a few famous dead guests and ghosts making themselves comfortable at New York’s Hotel Chelsea, but two of them include Dylan Thomas (who died of pneumonia while staying here in 1953) and Sid Vivious (who’s girlfriend was stabbed to death there in 1978).

Queen Mary

This may be a bit too close to home for those of us who attend concerts here but, the 1930’s cruise liner that’s docked in Long Beach, California, named Queen Mary offers numerous ghost-hunting tours and paranormal investigations on board for its guests. It became known as “the haunted ship” after numerous disasters, including a split hull that left few survivors.

The Myrtles Plantation

Deep in the heart of Louisiana’s Voodoo land, The Myrtles Plantation is believed to be one of America’s most haunted houses. Over 12 ghosts have been rumored to haunt the plantation, the most famous being a former slave wearing a green turban named Chloe.

Now see, this LAST one I can believe. Plantation? Former slave? You do the math.

Happy Halloween!



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