6 Guests Show Up to Wedding Accidentally Wearing the Exact Same Dress

More than three million people fly around the world each day on commercial aircrafts. Many of those people are flying to destination weddings in hopes of having a wonderful, amazing, and unforgettable time. And considering that the average wedding costs $13,100, it’s easy to see why so many couples want their wedding day to be absolutely perfect.

There are many things that can go wrong during a wedding, but one Australian wedding recently went viral after six guests broke an unwritten wedding rule: never wear the same dress as someone else.

“We are NOT the bridesmaids, said Debbie Speranza, who showed up to a wedding wearing the same exact dress to not one, not two, not even four other guests, but six! “Just the guests.”

According to BBC, the wedding was held in Sydney, Australia, and saw a beautiful ceremony, reconnected friendships, and six grown women hiding from each other for the entire night.

Luckily, after a few hours of unimaginable shame and embarrassment, the ladies all saw the humor in the situation.

“A couple of the women were mortified, they soon came around and saw how funny it was. So many women say ‘Oh my worst nightmare oh my worst nightmare’ but when you’re with this group of ladies, it’s just hysterical,” Debbie added. “We all saw the funny side of it, go for it, why not?”

Julie Mammone, the bride, wasn’t aware that six of her guests were wearing the exact same thing until her friend Nancy ran over to her table and broke the news to her.

“I jumped up and got a shot straight away,” the newlywed bride said.

The ladies decided to post a group picture of them with the bride on Facebook with the caption: “Who wore it best???? #backupbridesmaids

The Facebook post has been viewed more than 42,000 times and drew more than 10,000 comments, with groups of friends tagging themselves and sharing similar stories of wedding fashion faux pas.

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