Indiana Cops Shoot at ‘Bank Robber’ — Not Knowing He’s an Actor on Movie Set

*Oh this has got to go down in the books as a classic. Cops in Indiana thought they were in the midst of a real robbery; when they fired shots at a man they saw robbing a bank.

Indiana State Police had responded to a call about a possible robbery occurring at Backstep Brewing Co. in Crawfordsville, Indiana. When they saw a man exiting the building wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun, they didn’t realize it was actor Jim Duff.

They also didn’t realize they were on a movie set.

Duff was not facing the officers when they ordered him to drop the gun. He turned around to face them and that’s when an officer fired a shot according to  Fox 8 Cleveland.

Thank goodness he missed and no one was hurt.

According to a police report, Duff then pulled off his ski mask, dropped his gun and proceeded to let the officers know that he was an actor and they were all on a movie set.

The brewery and the production company allegedly did not notify the police or the surrounding businesses that a movie was being filmed in that location, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.


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