Watersides Galore: Two New Water Slides In Two Asian Countries

Everyone loves a good water slide. They come in a variety of sizes and in a variety of types, with a lot of features and additions. They can be inflatable or even made of extremely strong glass.

Something that China demonstrated last month with the construction of a large glass water slide down a mountainside. The water slide, located in Lingshou County, combines the exciting aspects of a roller coaster and a water park into one tourist destination. The slide features multi-layered parts that overlap each other, creating a truly epic experience.

The slide covers a lot of distance too, more than 1,260 meters (4,133 feet), according to the owners of the attraction. That makes it far longer than the official world record holding inflatable water slide, which had measured only 1,975 feet in length. However, the most interesting thing about this slide is that it is made almost entirely of strong, see-through, glass.

These aren’t the first attractions in the nation to be made of a strong glass exterior, with China also having created glass bridges in the past. These bridges are strong enough to support the weight of cars, and even hitting them with hammers didn’t cause the glass to crack or break. That means the water slide should be just as safe as one made of plastic or metal.

However, China isn’t the only Asian nation that is getting in on the water slide fun; South Korea is also taking part. The nation constructed a massive water slide in honor of the fact that it will be hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics next year. The water slide measures some 300 meters, or around 900 feet, in length. Already many individuals in the nation have enjoyed the new attraction, including 23-year-old Lee.

“I am having so much fun. It’s very nice to come and play at a place not far from my home. I wish this kind of event takes place everyday, I’ll come every single day.”

The Olympic Games are coming to South Korea for the first time since 1988 when the Summer Games took place in Seoul.

Hopefully, the people of those nations enjoy the last days of summer and the warmer parts of fall in style, taking advantage of these water slides while they can.

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