‘Organ Harvesting’…Are Black People Being Killed for Their Organs? Dick Gregory Thought So! (Watch)

“Drive by shootings is organ stealing.” This is how the late, great former comedian-turned social justice and health advocate, Dick Gregory opens the film clip that speaks on “The Reality of Organs Harvesting.” Never one to mince words, he is one of many to present this frightening, sad, horrific yet believable reality; especially as juxtaposed to the mortality rate of Black people — men in particular — in today’s intense social climate. In fact, it brings a lot of “yesterdays” incidents into clearer perspective.

A number of people obviously knowledgeable about my background sent me this video on social media. To this end I’d like to thank BrotherHoward, Joycelyn, Anthony and the others who thought it was important enough to share.

It is.

Many people who have “organ donor” listed on their drivers license did so because they believe it is the right thing to do. The compassionate thing to do. But according to the video (scroll down), this very admission; shown as a pink dot — displayed on your license as “donor” is believed to make you a moving target. Those in the video suggest that instead of having this on your license; where officials such as police officers have access to your information, you put this in your Living Will.

The video promotes the idea that Black peoples’ organs are in high demand, and a brother speaking at the top of the video and throughout lays out a scenario about research being done by someone who has been paid to see which Black folk are registered to donate their organs in the event of their demise.

Here’s where the “target” part comes in.

That person’s “demise” may be hurried along. 

The abovementioned scenario goes like this…in a nutshell: You need a liver. You can’t wait for someone to die. You need it sooner than later. Fast forward to the researcher. The person you paid to find a potential donor. Ah ha! Your research reveals a man who lives in Los Angeles, California. He is listed as an organ donor. Problem is, he’s not just going to give some stranger his organ. In fact, he’s healthy.

He’s not dead…yet.

“So guess what we’re going to do? We’re going to arrange a murder and make it look like he committed suicide,” the man on the video says.

A graphic shows a car being hit by a mac truck. It’s the person presented in the scenario. The person who just happened to be leaving a gas station.

You were taken to the funeral home. Your family comes to see you. They don’t know that before you were laid to rest a little hole was poked into your body and your kidney was pulled out.

Brother Dick Gregory comes in again. “Cops come by and inform you’ve just been shot dead. You don’t have jurisdiction over that body. That’s the coroner. You can’t get that body until the coroner releases it. So you go and pick it up. You see all of these cuts and stitches. I just thought they were doing an investigation…I didn’t know they took your organs.”

The late advocate goes on to express how a grieving mother has no recourse. Its all in the courts hands and its not like she can have her sons body dug up.

“Its organ stealing,” he reiterates.

“Its been known for a long time, since slavery, that Black organs were considered superior genetically,” says a man on the video (around the 2:21 mark). He then gives an example.

“Whenever there is a transplant, OK? Especially when rich folks get a heart transplant, liver transplant, kidney transplant, they like Black organs,” the speaker alleges. “We had a famous case in Pennsylvania. Governor Casey,” he continues. “He was one of the most racist governors who ever lived. Back in the 19…late 80’s, early 90’s. He had a heart transplant. Guess who’s heart they gave him. A Black persons heart.”

In another example the speaker remembers a young Black student named Kendrick “KJ” Johnson. He died mysteriously in a school gym. Unsatisfied with his autopsy results, the family had his body exhumed and learned his organs had been stolen and the body stuffed with newspaper.

Whether you choose to take this to heart or not is certainly your business, but you have to admit, this presents a plausible scenario worthy of serious consideration. And it appears to be of concern all over the world.

Here’s the video.


4 thoughts on “‘Organ Harvesting’…Are Black People Being Killed for Their Organs? Dick Gregory Thought So! (Watch)”

  1. I don’t think anyone has to plan a diabolical scheme such as that. Just set up a hotline in most major cities with multiple funeral parlors and cut your deals with them. The young black males are caught up in this viral infection of angrily killing one another over petty encounters, so much so, that they have caused the life expectancy of black males in general, unlike all others, to drop below 70 years old. Even if you took $100 thousand and gave 20 brothers $5,000 for the right to place a $1 million dollar insurance policy on him chances are the odds are in your favor you would collect on a number of those policies because of this madness.

  2. Oh I get it, because young black males are caught up in this viral infection of anger and killing one another over petty encounters, why not just profit off their dead asses. It has been done since they were brought over to this country as animals for sale. Surly it wasn’t a diabolical scheme when blacks were freed in 1863, to start lynching, Jim Crow, segregation, red lining( should you not know what that is, denying equal housing based on your color), being denied access to quality education, medical care, jobs. It was so easy for you to point out the angry black man, but not the angry white man that feels it is justifiable to kill that same said black man. Wow!!!! lets me reminded you that the in 1619 1st African slaves arrived in Virginia, 1862 Lincoln freed the slaves, (243 years after Virginia) 1863 the Emancipation proclamation was signed. 1896 (33 years later) the Supreme Court sanction legal separation of black and white., 1954 Brown vs the Board of Education (58 years later) I was born in 1961. I didn’t even mention the civil rights era, or the proven unjustifiable killing of blacks to this day. I am 57 and my mother will be 80 this year, I have seen diabolical schemes being revealed. I could continue my time line of this but I must go. I pray for your enlightenment.

  3. They say the murder rate in Chicago is due to Black on Black crime. I don’t believe that. Many people say there hired assassins targeting and killing certain people for their organs. They said Selena Gomez got a stolen organ. Doesn’t surprise me. Rich people go first as always.

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