Was this Woman Right or Wrong to ‘Go Off’ Because a Service Dog Was in the Restaurant? (Watch)

*That’s just nasty…is basically what Ciara Miller said during a highly publicized rant in Kathy’s Crab House and Family Restaurant in Delaware.  Fact is, dogs are not allowed in restaurants because of sanitary concerns so, just because a dog is a service dog, and is allowed in all public places, does the sanitary concern just…disappear?

The unseen onlookers seem to think so. Its an interesting topic of concern.

One onlooker brings up the point that “This man fought for our country” and apparently feels the woman shouldn’t concern herself with the dog being there. But Miller is beyond irate at this point; and her behavior becomes even more heightened when people begin to taunt her.

?My husband?s dad fought for the fucking country!? Miller yelled back. ?So what? It?s still nasty to me! It should be a separate section for a fucking animal!?

After what seemed like an exceptionally long and heated exchange, Miller yells, ?I?m leaving because the food is nasty and there?s a dog.?  

According to a report by NBC Philadelphia , Bill Austin – the veteran, had brought his dog JP into the crab house with his family because the animal helps the former Army National Guardsman with his post-traumatic stress disorder. Austin did tours in Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan which have left him psychological trauma.

The restaurant was quick to post a statement apologizing for what they called an ?embarrassing? encounter and confirmed that federal regulations do support the right to have service animals in public spaces.

What seems to be even more “embarrassing,” is the fact that the restaurant employee who locked the door after Millers exit, can be heard calling her a “bitch” in the process. Miller had also been heard calling an onlooker a “bitch” and a “whore” previously

Again I ask: Even though Federal regulations support service animals being in all public places, what happens to the reasoning behind any animal not being allowed in a place where food is served? Is cleanliness no longer an issue? Why?

Do you feel there should be a separate area for such customers? Do you think the owner, who was there with his family, could have feasibly left the dog outside while he ordered his food?

Check out the video below and please tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Was this Woman Right or Wrong to ‘Go Off’ Because a Service Dog Was in the Restaurant? (Watch)”

  1. Service animals are indeed allowed in ANY public space including restaurants. The ” woman” with the ineffective ” mate” obviously was upset but had no right to spew in front of children and families such raunchy and disgusting language, The only foul names and words I heard only came out her ridiculous hole. Finally at the end of her embarrassing display heard another woman call her a bitch but only after being engaged with this person and being attacked verbally. Strange she was so concerned with the cleanliness of a service dog that was not near her but was wearing a hair weave sewed over her own real hair no telling how clean or aged it was either.

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