Solo Women Performers! The ‘Countdown’ to Submissions for LAWTF’s 25th Year is Near (Oct. 1)

Sloan Robinson in ‘Bananas’ – A Day in the Life of Josephine Baker
*Ladies, you’ve worked hard to hone your craft. You’ve been performing for years and finally, you stepped out and developed your own theatrical piece. Moreover, you’ve performed it for small crowds on a number of occasions and much to your delight…they loved it.
If this sounds like you, the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, now in its 25th year, would love to meet you. Who knows, after their panel of professionals get a look at your video performance…they may love it too!
But you won’t know if you don’t submit. Don’t listen to that ‘negative’ voice in your head. Go! Get your stuff together. Send it in! The countdown is on towards their extended October 1 deadline. 
See the submission guidelines below and go for it!
and good luck!
Michele Farbman in ‘Dora Maar’

1. Application and supporting materials are due prior to the extended deadline of October 1, 2017.
2. Please email all submissions materials to the following email address: [email protected]
In order to facilitate the tracking of your material, please keep your name consistent. The name used on your application ought to be used on all materials submitted. 
3. In your email please include 2 links to your videos (and any necessary access codes) for your YouTube, Vimeo, Drop-Box, website, etc. (Please bold or highlight the link to the video.)
a. A link to your 10 consecutive minute video excerpt of your solo performance will be viewed by the Screening Panel for Round One.
b. A link to your solo piece in it’s entirety complete performance in its entirety is also advisable, in the event you move to our finalist stage, so the Screening Panel may revist your full performance for consideration. If complete works are over 30 minutes in length, performers will be offered a maximum 30 minutes excerpted performance slot.
4. In your email please attach the following:
a. A current resume
b. Cover Letter: Your introduction and description of your work.
c. Photos (headshot and performance shots) with your name in the image file name.
5. Optional: Attach supporting material (reviews, programs, etc.) via email.
Ai Yoshihara in ‘My River Phoenix’
6. Application: Please fill out the online application at Click on “2018 Festival Submissions” or click here
7. Submission Fee: Please remit your submission fee of $41.50 via PayPal ($40 plus $1.50 PayPal fee). Click on the PayPal button to the left. Please make sure the name used with PayPal matches the name on the application.
LAWTF will send receipt of your submission.
LAWTF will send notification of Festival acceptance after ALL submissions have been viewed and juried and by the end of December.

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