CEO Kyle Thomas Offers Commuters Another Travel Option With ‘Catchr’ App!

*(Los Angeles, CA) ? Kyle Thomas, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur recently entered the technology business with his newest invention — ?Catchr? a state-of-the-art app that allows commuters to request and purchase rides from their smart phone.  Getting to and from the bus stop or train station remains a significant barrier to using public transportation. Even though many commuters are interested in using public transportation, many are discouraged because they still have to spend time and money on using their own car, a taxi, UBER or Lyft to reach their final destination.  Catchr closes the gap by transporting passengers from the train or bus stop to their office or to their home at an affordable cost.

Catchr?s services are targeted to first and last mile users. This usually means commuters who need to get from the train or bus station to their final destination, which is usually home.  Catchr eliminates stress by freeing commuters from having to use their cars and pay for parking. Catchr also transports passengers from train stations to shopping centers, from business parks to bus terminals, or from doorstep to doorstep.

As Kyle Thomas explains to EURThisNthat, ?What I?ve created is a ?liquid? flexible routing system between point A and B.  We want to ease the lives of commuters by offering them a stress-free experience and live up to our slogan ?Always Going Your Way!?

Catchr CEO, Kyle Thomas

Catchr believes in partnering closely with cities and transportation agencies, and is the only on-demand mass transit mobile app solution aimed directly at public transport.  This includes integration with municipal payment systems and travel cards, and other unique city and/or transportation system requirements.

With the focus rapidly shifting in cities from ?how do we move vehicles more efficiently?? to ?how do we move people more efficiently,? is where Catchr takes effect. Catchr?s technology, logistical solutions, and operating model is at the cutting edge of this wave.

Catchr has numerous advantages over other transportation alternatives and competitors. For example:

Agility – Catchr?s proprietary system allows micro-transit vehicles to be highly flexible with pick-ups and drop-offs and minimize time delays.

Innovation – Catchr doesn?t ask passengers to gather at bus stops ? they give passengers their own personal bus stop nearby and the passenger?s phone guides them to it, keeping them informed of the critical aspect of their trip ? including cost, pickup, and drop off times.

Artificial Intelligence ? Catchr learns passenger habits and traffic behavior so that the next time the passenger orders a ride, Catchr can be even more efficient. Catchr?s system is focused on inventive ways to serve commuters:  Catchr is currently laying groundwork for driverless vehicles and interaction with smart cites and Universities. Thinking ahead is in Catchr?s DNA.

Environmental Benefits – Catchr?s operation takes cars off the road and reduces CO2 emissions. According to a 2015 study by KPMG, each dynamic shuttle put into service at peak traffic hours reduces congestion by as many as 25 cars per hour. This reduces CO2 emissions by 4.7 metric tons of CO2 per year. This translates to 37,012.5 metric tons per year for every 25 vans put into service.  If the 89 cities in greater Los Angeles simply implemented an average of ten shuttles each, we would take 22,250 cars off the roads at rush hour.

How Catchr Works.

Crystal needs to get to work. She can walk half a mile to the bus station or even further to the train station. She could take a taxi or Uber, but that gets expensive. Or she could drive herself through traffic, while paying for gas, insurance, and parking…No thanks.  She opens the Catchr app and enters her destination.

Catchr calculates the most direct route for the destination and sets a nearby pick-up location or ?virtual bus stop.? The app guides her 30 feet to a Virtual Bus Stop

Minutes later a bus appears to pick her up. No long wait, no long walks, no cash, no fuss.

Catchr Team

Kyle Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Kyle is CEO/MD of Performance Imaging Group, supplying medical technology and training across Africa. He has extensive global sales and management experience, most recently as head of General Electric? Africa medical technology distributorship for 12 years. Kyle was Vice President and head of sales for Nortel Networks.

Ansar Mahdi, Chief Technology Officer

Ansar has worked on software and algorithm development in a wide variety of industries including transportation and medical.  He is skilled in developing complex backend systems that are keenly tailored to the needs of the marketplace. 

Scott Smith, Director of Engineering

Scott has 30 years of project management experience in the technology sector.  He has a wide array of senior management experience in both early stage companies and public companies such as AT&T and Microsoft.  He holds a B.S. in Design Engineering Technology from Brigham Young University and a M.B.A. from the University of Utah; Salt Lake City.


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