Storage Industry Growth Makes Margate, FL Consider Ban On Facilities

At a City Commission workshop in Margate, FL, attendees discussed having the city confine all new storage facilities to the industrial zone, but officials were not happy about that solution. They don’t want any more facilities opening, period.

“We have nine in nine square miles,” said Vice Mayor Arlene Schwartz. “I think we have enough.”

This comes after several years of facilities appearing in their city, and mostly for individuals that don’t live within the city limits. The decision to ban all new storage facilities comes after the city commission had extended a moratorium on new facility applications.

The storage industry has been growing at a steady pace in the last few years, with a marked increase in storage facilities in cities across the nation. This has been especially true for big cities, with populations that need someplace to store their belongings.

One of the more common types of storage that is booming is self-storage and its booming for all sorts of reasons. People that can’t let go of items, in the process of home renovations, or just need a place to put their items for the summer. There are a lot of other storage options, too, for the more busy individuals.

With over 50,000 storage facilities in the U.S. alone, there is bound to be a bit of variety. An increasingly common type of storage is “full-service” storage, which has companies that come and take your items for you, then store them in a secure facility. Most of them even feature a sort of “online catalog” for you to see your items and request them to be returned if you so wish.

However, despite all the growth that is occurring in the industry, some individuals and communities are not too happy about the abundance of storage facilities.

“I don’t want people moving into Coral Springs and Parkland and [dumping] their stuff in Margate,” Commissioner Anthony Caggiano said at the time the city extended its moratorium. “We should be a place where people and business move in, not a storage place for other cities. I don’t ever want to see another of these things in our city. We have too many of them right now.”

So while the storage industry will continue to boom across the nation, but it looks like Margate is off-limits for now.

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