Motorhome Company Winnebago Releases New Line Of RVs Including New Revel

Motorhome company Winnebago Industries Inc. revealed on Tuesday, September 19 its newest model of RV — the Revel. The compact, 4×4 RV hosts a 140-cubic foot gear garage, a full galley, diesel-powered heating, and standard solar power system.

“The Revel is a true 4×4 RV designed to take you to places no other Winnebago motorhome has gone before,” said Director of Product Management Russ Garfin to Forbes. “The amenities and features of the coach allow for comfortable exploration of remote places.”

In the United States, there are approximately 30 million RV enthusiasts. And according to Forbes, there’s quite a lot about the Revel these enthusiasts have to be enthused about.

The Revel’s gear garage allows for its users to store bicycles in the interior of the RV easily without the need for bungee cords or exterior ties. Additional camping and adventure equipment such as hiking gear and climbing equipment can be placed inside the vehicle alongside the bicycles when the Revel’s bed is raised.

The vehicle offers an on-demand four-wheel drive system for all terrains and weather with additional modes for hill descent and off-roading. At a retail price of $134,799 the Revel grants its users the balance of power and cruise with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 platform.

“Whether your passion is off-roading, fishing, or another outdoor activity, the Revel allows you to get to your location faster, stay ‘off-the-grid’ longer and enjoy your time doing what you love,” said Garfin.

For optimum mobility, the newest RV also hosts positive-latching cabinet doors, drawers, and welded aluminum cabinet face frames. This helps to keep the cabinet doors and drawers closed during off-roading and rough riding on rocky terrain.

The Revel is just one of Winnebago’s latest vehicle lineups. The motorhome company has also recently released the Horizon and the Intent as well as a series of Minnie Plus Fifth Wheels.

The newly released vehicles may bring an upturn to Winnebago’s current stock. According to Thomson Rheuters, the RV manufacturer’s stock recently dropped by 0.63% although this past June the company announced third quarter fiscal earnings of $0.61 per share and $0.72 per share view.

Photo: Winnebago

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