White Nurses at Jacksonville Naval Hospital Caught Making Black Newborns Dance to Rap Music

Look at her. Now think of her bringing your baby to you with a smile, after doing what she did to this newborn. Hmm…

*You may have heard about (or even saw) a video circulating on social media that shows a white nurse holding an infant as she has him or her “dancing” to rap music. No? Perhaps you’ve seen the Facebook post, shared over 180,000 times, that shows a hospital staff member flipping off a baby with the caption ?How I currently feel about these mini Satans.?  The employee showing her middle finger is said to be a navy nurse.

Hold on.

The hospital identified these vermin, and states they have been taken out of patient care and are being dealt with legally. I don’t know what that means. I haven’t heard the terms license revoked or fired yet; and quite frankly, these are the only “dealings” that would get my attention at this point.

But there’s a greater concern here and it deals with the human condition. How can anyone claiming to be a “human being” use an innocent child in this way? 

How can they be hated? What have they done?

These infants are actually said to be only hours old, according to Fox 30. They’re still pink for god’s sake. Moreover, any newborn’s head has to be supported. If the nurse was holding its arms and making it dance, what was happening with the head?

In the worse scenario, even if I HATED white people — and I don’t — I couldn’t hate an infant just because it was white. I wouldn’t know how to.

The fact that these nurses can and do — and reports say there are two of them — spells nothing but ignorance. They have to be uneducated, low-class, white-trash. Period! These are the only types that could be so heartless.

And here’s the thing: They’ve actually been working in a hospital? Surely these babies are not the only Black babies they’ve come into contact with.

What did they possibly DO to the others? 

The images and videos were taken from Snapchat and posted on Facebook.com. By the time hospital administrators caught wind of it, it had reached viral status.

It is a violation of hospital policy to record or photograph patients without authorization or permission.

The Navy Hospital in Jacksonville, where this occurred, issued a statement on Monday.

?We are aware of a video / photo posted online. It?s outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated,? the statement reads. ?We have identified the staff members involved. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice.?

At this point I hope the hospital goes back and investigates ANY infant births of Black children who were then placed under these nurses care. Did any newborns mysterious die? Did any have mysterious injuries?

I am almost certain their record is not a clean one.

I’m mortified, and I’m not alone. A nurse in Tennessee wrote on social media… ?They need to have their nursing license revoked. I am totally disgusted. How juvenile. Grow up.?

The  The Navy Hospital say they notified the infants parents. Hmph. What’s that smell in them there hallways? Oh its an accountability lawsuit. Y’all hired ’em.

Watch the video that shows the nurse positing the child to “dance” to 50 Cents song, “In Da Club.”  

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3 thoughts on “White Nurses at Jacksonville Naval Hospital Caught Making Black Newborns Dance to Rap Music”

  1. These are not nurses. They are Hospital Corpsman(think naval EMTs) so they no license to revoke. They are enlisted members of the Navy and are being punished under a punitive system known as the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Meaning they will ne demoted in rank, pay taken for up to 45 days and “extra duty” for 45 days. That extra duty can be mopping floors, cleaning toilets, picking up trash, etc. So they are not getting off lightly by no means. Please understand. They could also be kicked out of the Navy for Behavior Unbecoming a Sailor. Very hard to get a civilian job with that on your record.

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