Oh God! First He Grabbed Her P**sy, Then He Shook Her Hand! Poor Mrs. Trump (Watch)

First Lady Melania Trump greets military families before introducing her husband, Donald Trump.

*I know poor may not the best choice of words when it comes to describing someone as wealthy as First Lady Melania Trump. But we’re not talking money here. We’re talking something much more valuable: her sanity and what it must take to act like you even like your husband.

I’m over the whole comparison of the overt differences between this awkward couple and their predecessors, the loving Barack and Michelle Obama. I mean really, there is NO comparison; so why hash up the obvious.

But I must say this, Barack Obama would have NEVER…in the words of Friday’s “Smokey,” ever, ever, ever, ever, shook Michelle Obama’s hand following an intro or anything else.

This sh*t was just plain awkward!  Language expert says it spells trouble in the marriage.

Watch for yourself below.

Mrs. Trump. She’s trying, bless her heart. What it must take though.

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First Lady Melania Trump stood before a group soldiers at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland last week and after she introduced him in front of military families he walked up to her as if he was greeting some colleague and…

Shook her hand.

Though anything other than applause was inaudible after that, one report alleges he then said, “You go sit down, honey,” as he ushered her off stage.

And take a good look at HER body language as she leaves.

God! I can’t begin to imagine what it must take to be married to this man. #stillcantcallhimpresident


Watch the awkward handshake below. Body language experts have their own take on what it means.

Wow! First Lady Trump. Look at you! Seeing you in the photo below many women are encouraged. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Melania Knauss in January 2000, two years after she began dating Trump

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