Sgt. Eddie Hicks, Ex-Chicago Cop (and 15-Year Fugitive), Arrested in Detroit!

*It took 15 years, but they got him. He must have paused a bit too long in one spot. Former ex-cop Eddie Hicks, now 68, was captured in Detroit on Tuesday morning, after living on the run. He had began his invisible lifestyle on the eve of his trial on federal drug conspiracy charges.

Hicks had been on the Chicago Police Force for 29 years prior to the charge in 2001 for running a crew of rogue officers who robbed drug dealers, pocketed the illicit cash and then sold the stolen drugs to other pushers.

When he fled the country on the eve of his trial in 2003, authorities thought he had traveled to Brazil, but a money trail proved that theory wrong.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there were repeated financial transactions made by him in Chicago to support himself and those closest to him. His signature was also found on real estate paperwork for property he owned on the South Side. The property, which had been used to pay his $150,000 bond, was being given to his son — also a Chicago Police Officer. 

One thought on “Sgt. Eddie Hicks, Ex-Chicago Cop (and 15-Year Fugitive), Arrested in Detroit!”

  1. America is a criminal country. The rulers are criminals, but these wealthy “white” supremacist big-power criminals don’t face their corruptly constructed judicial system they get lauded in history books and structures named after them, for they are “Too White to Fail”!

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