James Baker, Retired LAPD Sergeant Joins Community Activists to Speak on ‘Why the Black Man Has No Peace’

*Well this should be…enlightening. A conference and luncheon where community leaders can have a grown up discussion with a retired LAPD Sergeant. Since he’s retired, I’d think that will mean he can speak freely — and hopefully honestly. Retired LAPD sergeant James Baker will join in the discussion on why it is that the Black man, no matter how rich or poor, continues to be hounded, hated and hunted in society.

Be warned, the promotion for this FREE event wants you to know that they…have no silver or gold to offer you; no big contracts to promise you; no inside banker for you to see; no celebrity endorsements to offer you. WHAT THEY DO HAVE and will present are basic solutions only the right-hearted and humbled can understand. All are welcome, they say, to grab the rope on either side and show our nation, our America, our children that we are worthy of Peace!

Sounds like the kind of party where big boy/big girl pants are required.

The panelists promise to focus on National Issues Affecting the Welfare and Existence of Black America.

They will also share event information on the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER LEADERSHIP TASK FORCE SUMMIT for miracles and mission where you can enjoy training by National Prayer Leaders. Ministry and prayer leaders will come from across the nation for community leadership training in Colorado Springs, Colorado, November 2 through 5, 2017, at the Hotel Elegante.

Women are encouraged to attend!

Here’s the info you’ll need to attend this FREE Conference/Luncheon event.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 10AM – 12 Noon
Parents of Watts South Los Angeles Office
10828 Lou Dillon Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90059
Lunch Served, 12 Noon

RSVP to [email protected] – space limited 


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