Watch: McDonald’s Cashier Attempts to Flush Newborn Down Toilet

Sarah Lockner

*A cashier working the night shift at a McDonald’s in Redwood City, CA. has been charged with attempted murder, felony child abuse and inflicting great bodily injury, according to prosecutors who said she attempted to flush her newborn baby down the toilet after giving birth in the restaurants restroom.

Sarah Lockner, 25, had been complaining of stomach pains throughout her night shift at the fast food chain. She went to the restroom on several occasions.

At one point, a concerned co-worker went in to check on her and saw blood on the floor, but Lockner explained it away as a heavy period.

When a second co-worker entered, she went into another stall and peered over into where the bleeding woman was. It was then that she saw the horrific sight: ?…a newborn baby face down in the toilet bowl,? prosecutors said.

Lockner’s hand was on its back, according to the district attorney?s office. The employee then heard the toilet flush.

Lockner pleaded with the woman not to call police; saying she didn’t even know she was pregnant.

When police arrived they found the baby in Lockner’s arms according to what San Mateo County Dist. Atty. Steve Wagstaffe told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

The infant was not breathing and had no pulse when police got there. They did CPR and rushed the infant to Lucile Packard Children?s Hospital in Palo Alto, he said.

While the infant, said to be a boy, is alive and in stable condition, the extent of his brain injuries is not yet known, Wagstaffe said.

Lockner is being held at the Maple Center Correction Facility on $11M bail. She is set to be arraigned on Monday, September 18.

When the media spoke with her neighbors, they all appeared shocked and said she was always so nice. They also said she has a small child she always takes to the park. Her live-in boyfriend even said he didn’t know she was pregnant.

Watch the video report directly below.

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