Watch: Florida Woman Sentenced in Murder-for-Hire Plot…While Husband Has Moved On With New Woman

Dahlia Dippolito is sentenced on Wednesday in foiled murder-for-hire plot

*In 2009 his newlywed wife hired a hit man to kill him. That proved unsuccessful thanks to some fast undercover work. Today, Dalia Dippolito was sentenced to 16-years in prison for the murder-for-hire plot.

She was found guilty at her third trial in June and on Wednesday, Palm Beach County Judge, Glenn Kelley, questions her legal teams strategy while he simultaneously denied her request to serve house arrest while she appeals the decision.

Meanwhile her former husband, Michael Dippolito, is celebrating love again, with a new partner.

Michael Dippolito

?I was a little aware of what was going on [with Michael],? said Gloria, Dippolito’s beautiful new African American fiance told Inside Edition. She said her focus now is on helping him to move on. She does add, however, that she feels bad for him.

?I really felt bad for him but my thing is just moving on from there,? she added. ?I love him a lot.?

Dippolito’s sordid tale began when his former wife hired a hit man to kill him just six months after they wed. The two had started dating while Dippolito was still married to another woman. Five days after his divorce, he and Dahlia hooked up.

According to an ABC News report, prosecutors would later reveal the motive for Dahlia’s plan: to get Michael Dippolito’s money and condo, and get him out of the way so she could be with another man.

This was confirmed when a video (scroll down) was found showing Dalia Dippolito in a car speaking about having her husband killed. She even tells the man on the other end of the phone, “I’m a lot tougher than I look.”

But the “hit man” was really an undercover cop, and after a phony crime scene was staged by police — where Dalia was told that her husband was dead — she was arrested.

But not before her all-out dramatic grieving-widow performance

When Michael Dippolito was shown the video of Dahlia’s reaction to his “death” he was amazed and said, ?I was impressed with her lying skills. I mean, you can’t believe when you watch it.”  

Dippolito, who is now engaged to Gloria says he wants this to be the real thing.

?It’s nice,? he said of Gloria. ?Sometimes it’s hard to accept something this good is happening to you.?

?He’s very lucky to be alive to be with me,? Gloria chimed in.

Watch the Daily Mail video of Dahlia Dippolito plotting to have her husband killed below.


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