‘Mattress Mack’ Opens His Furniture Stores to Shelter Hundreds of Grateful Harvey Victims (Watch)

*As calls-to-action go, ‘Hurricane Harvey’ is giving people in our country an opportunity to step up. To put money where mouth is. To demonstrate what we’re truly made of and how we take care of each other when sh*t hits the fan.

Yes, it is at times like this that the world can see who is just talk, and who takes action.

Obviously many people not directly affected by this natural disaster are unable to give money, or even time; but it is so very heartwarming to witness those who do have the resources, a platform, having the compassion to use them in such a humanitarian way.

Over the past few days we have seen the compassion of many; including comedian Kevin Hart — who not only reached into his own pocket to donate funds to those impacted by Harvey, but called upon friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry to do the same.

He went even further and asked each of them to tag someone.

To me this shows real heart. It starts the ball rolling in a each one teach one kind of way. We’ve seen actions taken by numerous celebrities since then. Not to say they would not have without Hart’s challenge; they probably would have anyway, but let’s face it, in our society people are more prone to lend a hand if they see that someone else has. Even in devastating times.

So when I came across a video revealing other Harvey Heroes, and heard of  Jim McIngvale, a gentle man and Houston retailer who owns a number of furniture stores that he converted into shelters for those displaced by Harvey, I wanted to share it with you.

People know him as “Mattress Mack,” and this disaster is not the first time he has come to the rescue. He is a well-known figure in the city who has a history of donating to charitable causes…without being asked.

According to Time400 people have gathered at McIngvale’s Galley Furniture locations, where they are welcome to sleep on the brand new sets of furniture that occupy the floors, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, compliments of the owner, and use the bathrooms, showers and an in-store restaurant.

Children affected by the hurricane find a safe place to be at one of Mattress Mack’s Gallery stores

The store is designed to be flood-proof on elevated concrete. What a gift this man is; along with all who are so compassionately sharing their resources and platforms from the heart.

Take a look at the CBS This Morning video below to see how this man’s incredible act of compassion has gained him the love, respect and even loyalty of strangers all over.  

Yes Jim, your dad would be proud. Bless you.

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