First Time Ever! Florida Set to Execute White Man for Racially Motivated Murders

*Nearly two dozen Black men out of 92 Florida inmates, have been executed in the state for killing white victims since the 1976 reinstatement of the death penalty.

On Thursday, the first white man to ever be executed in the state of Florida — for killing a Black man — will have his day.

Mark Asay, 53, is set to be put to death by lethal injection — barring any last minute stay — after 6 p.m. on Thursday. He has been on Death Row since he was convicted by a jury of two racially motivated, premeditated murders in Jacksonville in 1987.

One murder, according to prosecutors, was that of Robert Lee Booker, a 34-year-old Black man who Asay fatally shot after making multiple racist comments.

Asay’s second victim was a 26-year-old mixed race — white and Hispanic man — named Robert McDowell. Prosecutors say Asay had hired McDowell, who was dressed as a woman, for sex and shot him six times after discovering his true gender.

Asay’s injection drug, one of three in the cocktail, will be used for the first time. The newly approved drug, named Etomidate, is the first of a trimester of drugs administered in Florida’s new execution cocktail. It replaces Midazolam, which is hard to find since many drug companies began refusing to provide it for executions. The second drug to be used is Rocuronium Bromide — which paralyses the person — followed by a third drug, Potassium Acetate, which stops the heart.

Wow, its hard to wrap your brain around the thought of so much time being put into drugs that will kill people. People are poisoned every day, accidentally, using much less. 

How does one apply for such a job? What’s their job title (we already know what the duty is)? What are the requirements? Do you need a degree?

Not that I’m interested. I just really want to know what the resume of such a person looks like.

What a job to have!

What would you do if you met someone and asked them “what do YOU do?” and they said, “Provide lethal injections to Death Row inmates.”

I’d probably pass out right there! 

Reportedly, it is Florida’s first time using potassium acetate too. The drug was used in a 2015 execution in Oklahoma by mistake, and has not been used elsewhere since, a death penalty expert said. 

Lawd. Lawd. Lawd.

Tell me the truth, in this particular case, are you looking for one f**k to give…too?

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