Denver Postal Worker Caught After She Faked Cancer for Two Years (And Got Paid ‘Sick Leave’)

Boyle and an unidentified male, presumably her lawyer, who, by the way, had “no comment.”

*How utterly sickening. So,so many of our family and friends suffer with or are survivors of lymphoma or some other cancer. It’s more than a damn shame that someone would fake the condition, just to get off work. 

But someone did and now she has been found out.

In 2015, Caroline Boyle shared with her colleagues that her immune system had been compromised by cancer; which had attacked and ravaged her white blood cells. She told everyone that she was too weak to come into the office and showed them “scribbled notes from her doctor,” according to an report.

But Boyle’s story was discovered to be a big lie. One clue turned out to be the doctor’s misspelled name.

The forged, misspelled, signature was of Dr. Gregg Dickerson. Administrators at the medical facility he practices out of, Anova Cancer Center in Lone Tree, Denver, told federal agents that Boyle was not a patient of the clinic or Dickerson.

The news site reports that Boyle, 60, was convicted of fraud brought down by USPS investigators on Tuesday. A district judge handed down a sentence of five years of probation that includes six months of home confinement with an electronic monitor, along with a $10,000 fine and restitution of exactly $20,798.38, acting U.S. Attorney for Colorado Bob Troyer said in a statement.

That restitution figure represents ?some or most? of the amount Boyle claimed for administrative sick leave she was wrongly paid, spokesman for Colorado Attorney General?s office Jeff Dorschner told The Washington Post.

Question. Is she expected to get a JOB in order to pay this restitution? Another question: If so, who is expected to HIRE her?

In addition, Boyle must serve 652 hours of community service ? one hour for every one she fraudulently took on leave. 

The community service must take place at a cancer treatment facility, research center, or hospice.

Boyle was basically cornered when she confessed to USPS investigators after being confronted with proof. They had copies of the forged doctor?s notes, and a warranted search…or research we should say, also took place; but it showed no evidence to substantiate Boyle was suffering from cancer.

Boyle, who had planned to carry on her sick leave ruse until she retires in April, has worked for the Postal Service since 1991. Upon her retirement she was planning to take a Hawaiian cruise, Dorschner said.

And if EVER there was an example of the pot calling the kettle black. It is also reported that Boyle had FALSELY ACCUSED a subordinate of faking cancer prior to her sick leave scheme.

That employee, who really did have cancer, testified against her!

Read more about the woman and the crime the USPS describes as a rare affront to the honesty of the majority of USPS employees at

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