British Airways Passenger Paid $1,500 to Fly, But His Seat Was Soaked in Pee

*With all the B.S. happening on the airlines these days, crazy ass passengers trying to open airplane doors while the plane is still in the air; passengers being mistreated by airline staff just because they’re Black or have a baby that’s crying…with all that, try being charged nearly $1500 for an 11-hour flight and having to take that ride on a seat soaked in urine.

Oh, I’m just being polite. You are forced to sit in a seat soaked with someone else’s piss!

Talk about a reason to be pissed!

Andrew Wilkinson, 39, told British tabloid the Mirror that when he boarded a recent flight to Cape Town, he immediately noticed a wet stain on his seat which reeked of the yellow stuff.

?I got to my seat and saw that there was a wet patch. It was about the size of two decks of cards laid side by side,? Wilkinson told the paper. ?At first I thought it was water but the smell was so distinct it could only have been urine.?

So check this: he brought the situation to the attention of a stewardess  who was oh so apologetic…

…and that’s all.

?Sorry about that,? was all the the stewardess said. The passenger did not get an upgrade or anything else. He did, however, put a plastic bag and then a blanket over the stain; but because he couldn’t secure any additional blankets to put under his butt, by the time he got to wherever he was going, the back of his trousers showed signs of distress (there I go being gracious again).

I knew it was safe to assume this was not a brother (see picture below) because no way in hell would sh*t have gone down like this.

Jus’ keepin’ it real.

Andrew Wilkinson and his wife.

Wilkinson, however, told Consumerist that he was given 5,000 frequent flyer points. When public attention was brought to the matter the airline threw in an additional flight voucher worth about $700.

Mr. Wilkinson, I hope you demanded they buy you another pair of trousers, too!




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