Nail Ricochets Into Man’s Heart, He Drives Himself to Hospital, Parks Car and Walks In to ER (Watch)

*If you never subscribed to the belief that if it ain’t your time to die, no matter what happens, you just ain’t gonna go — well, Doug Bergeson of Wisconsin has proof that should leave no doubt.

Bergeson had been working on framing in a fireplace at his home near Peshtigo in northeast Wisconsin, when his nail gun accidentally fired, and a nail ricocheted off a piece of wood and went straight into his chest.

Now that right there could’ve spelled the end, but it was obviously NOT time for the man to go.

If doesn’t even sound like he freaked out at all. Instead, he reportedly walked calmly to his truck (arguably in shock), got in and drove himself to the hospital. He then parked his pickup truck in the lot and walked into the emergency room.

I can only imagine other people in the waiting room, seeing him, mouths agape, stepping out of the way to allow him access to the front of the line.

“Please, you go ahead sir. I can wait.”

Doctors said Bergeson came perilously close to death and the lucky man, who says “common sense” told him not to pull the nail out, talked to the Associated Press about the June 25 ordeal.

“I thought it just nicked me. I looked down. I couldn’t see anything,” Bergeson said in an interview Tuesday. “I felt OK. I wasn’t worried about the injury. I couldn’t feel any pressure or blood building up.”

As he tugged at his sweatshirt, Bergeson, 52, said he realized only about 1 inch of the 3?-inch nail was sticking out of his chest.

“I could see the nail moving with my heartbeat. It was kind of twitching with every heartbeat,” Bergeson said.

More annoyed than worried. He knew he had to go to the ER.

“I was frustrated because I knew I wasn’t going to get home until late and I couldn’t get anything done,” 

Ain’t that some sh*t? He was more concerned about the late arrival home. Add to that, so sure he was GOING to arrive back home. Wow!

After realizing this wasn’t something he could fix himself, Bergeson washed up, hopped in his truck and made his way to Bay Area Medical Center in Marinette, about 10 minutes away.

He parked and walked in to ER. Then he says he started to feel more pain and summoned a security guard for help.

“If you could find someone that would be great, I’m just going to sit down,” he told the guard.

Bergeson still didn’t realize the seriousness of his accident. As he waited in the ER, he texted his wife asking her to bring him a clean shirt.

The man actually thought he was going to drive home on that day.

Bergeson was rushed by ambulance to Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay following Xrays.

“I offered to drive myself, but they wouldn’t let me,” Bergeson said, chuckling.

The doctors, amazed at his composure, commended him for not removing the nail, and allowing it to be done by professionals.  Dr. Alexander Roitstein confirmed the nail hit Bergeson’s heart, and that it was also 1/16 of an inch from a major artery.

Roitstein said it was difficult to assess how deeply the nail penetrated, but that it left bruising and a nail-sized hole.

Bergeson was in the hospital for two days. He has been recovering at home since the incident, but will be able to return to work this week at the Village of Lena waterworks plant. He also has a vegetable farm and construction repair business.

“I feel pretty good. I’m back to doing things carefully,” he said. “It was a pretty awakening experience.”

Watch Bergeson tell his experience in the video below.


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