Deadline for Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival Online Performer Submissions Approaching

*If you are a female solo artist who would like to be considered for the upcoming LAWTF performance roster in 2018, the deadline for the online  submission of your materials is coming up! The organization is celebrating 25 years of producing female solo artists from around the globe.

For consideration, your materials MUST be in prior to the September 1, 2017 deadline. 

Please see all requirements and submission process directly below.

A 2017 Festival performer, Sloan Robinson is pictured in a scene from ‘Bananas! A Day in the Life of Josephine Baker’ Courtesy: LAWTF

1. Application and supporting materials are due prior to the deadline of September 1, 2017.
2. Please email all submissions materials to the following email address:
In order to facilitate the tracking of your material, please keep your name consistent. The name used on your application ought to be used on all materials submitted. 
3. In your email please include 2 links to your videos (and any necessary access codes) for your YouTube, Vimeo, Drop-Box, website, etc. (Please bold or highlight the link to the video.)
a. A link to your 10 consecutive minute video excerpt of your solo   performance.
b. A link to your complete performance in its entirety. (Please bold or highlight the links to the videos)
4. In your email please attach the following:
a. A resume
b. Photos (headshot and performance shots) with your name in the image file name.
5. Optional: Attach supporting material (reviews, programs, etc.) via email.
6. Please fill out the online application at Click on “2018 Festival Submissions” or click here
You may view the Submissions Flyer here.
7. Please include a submission fee of $41.50 via PayPal ($40 plus $1.50 PayPal fee). Click on the PayPal button to the left. You can pay before or after you apply and just make sure the name used with PayPal matches the name on the application.

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