Watch: Family of Little Boy Who Died in Hot Daycare Van at ‘Little Miracles’ Demands Answers

Myles Hill’s mother and a man leaves roses for the 3-year-old child at the Little Miracles Academy on Gore Street and Plymouth Avenue on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017.

*We’re still reeling from the death of little Myles Hill, who we reported yesterday had been found dead after being left in a van; where temperatures rose to the mid-90’s — for a reported 11-hours. 

We can’t even wrap our brains around how his mother must be feeling; not to mention his entire family and community. 

A vigil was held last night on the family’s behalf, and to say it was “emotional” would not begin to adequately describe what transpired.

Hundreds gathered at a nearby park to pay tribute to the toddler and at the beginning of the video below a woman, reportedly an aunt to the boy, screams out, “Why? What happened?”

The child’s mother speaks through tears to the media at the vigil saying, “He’s three, he’s going to be four at the end of this month and he’s not even going to have a birthday.”

The crowd chanted “Justice for Myles!”

Meanwhile, Audrey Thornton, the owner of Little Miracles Academy, spoke to the press as well.

Sometimes I must admit, I wonder what people are thinking when they open their mouths and speak. Granted, no one would want to be in this woman’s shoes right now, and yes, it was a mistake, but it was a TRAGIC one that could have been avoided.

With that said,  can you believe what she actually asked of people? The family?

WESH2 in Orlando reports Thornton pleaded…

“Anybody that knows me knows that I take care of my kids, if I ever open back up this won’t happen again,” Thornton said.

Because her daycare was cited for not adequately documenting field trips JUST LAST MONTH, its almost offensive that she would ask people to “trust” her.

“I want to tell granny, I’m sorry. I want everybody to just trust me. It was a mistake. I’m sorry to the whole Banks family,” she added.

There are no words.

Take a look at the video below and please share your thoughts.

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