Weirdness in Short Bites: Have You Seen These ‘Unusual’ Stories?

Though their shells LOOK hard, this nine-banded armadillo’s shell is a leathery armour. It’s life span is anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

*When a Texas man saw an Armadillo in his front yard, he didn’t call out to his wife, “Hey honey, look at that rare animal in our yard. Let’s take a picture!” No, that would’ve been too humane.

Guess what he did instead?

Took out his .38 revolver and shot it. Three times!

But you know what they say about karma. It’s a bee-ach!

One of the bullets ricocheted and hit the man in the face.

As for the armadillo, who knows if the two other bullets penetrated its thick shell or not. The animal remains MIA. 

As for the man, who was airlifted to the hospital, let’s just hope he likes the taste of metal


Cops Searching for Man (Pictured below) Who ‘Fondled Himself’ While in Theater Watching Emoji Movie

Do you recognize this man? Cops want to talk to you!

Oh god. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear one about a man pleasuring himself at a movie with animated characters. Dude. Seriously? But its true.

What makes this even more disgusting (than the fact that this is a movie that caters to kids) is that this pervert was in a New Jersey theater surrounded by children. In fact, a parent noticed this creep in the back row of the theater and reported him to theater employees who made him leave the premises.

Later the parent called the cops.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Janet Benitez at 732-938-4575, extension 2885, or anonymously at



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