Mother Who Left 17-Month-Old Baby in Desert to Die Gets ‘Only 20 Years’

Ashley Denise Attson admitted to killing her 17-month-old daughter.

*I’ve got an honest question for you: Why do these young b*tches who still want to hang out and party continue to allow themselves to get pregnant?

This is harsh language I know, and I don’t apologize for it. I, we, have heard way too many stories lately of children being killed by parents who 1) never wanted them anyway, or 2) hurt or killed these innocent babies because of spouses or ex’es who now hate each other.

Damn you!

Ashley Denise Attson, 23, is one of them. You may have heard that last September she did the horrendous deed  of wheeling her 17-month-old girl out into the Navajo Nation desert, where she LEFT THE CHILD FOR FOUR DAYS AND FOUR NIGHTS. 

In the interim, she went out and partied with her friends. She returned four days later to retrieve the body (or what was left of it) and then buried the child in an animal hole.

Yeah. I know. Suddenly my opening statement doesn’t seem so harsh, does it?

Though Attson pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, no motive was mentioned in statements by US attorney spokesman Cosme Lopez.

Ashley Denise Attson

US District Judge David Campbell called the mother’s act the ?intentional, cold-hearted, horrendous killing of an innocent child?.

To make bad matters even worse,  a plea agreement reached with prosecutors could have given a life sentence to Attson, but according to what a former tribal prosecutor told the Associated Press, she was troubled that Attson will only spend 20 years in jail instead.

My question: What the hell was the plea? You know she did it, its not like there was anything else to give up. Why didn’t she get a life sentence?

I’m not alone.

” 20 years is simply not enough? said Bernadine Martin, a former chief prosecutor for the Navajo Nation. She also said of any future parenting done by this irresponsible mother, “the child would have been afraid, in physical distress and needing the one person who is supposed to care for her the most, that being the mother.”

Prosecutors say Attson had regained custody of the little girl just two months prior to her death. In a statement on Tuesday the US Attorney?s office for Arizona said that following the placement of the child in the desert Attson, “…met friends for ice cream and posted pictures of herself on Facebook.? 

According to Yahoo News, the child is not named because she was a juvenile. Court dics refer to her as ?Jane Doe.’ The child was born with methamphetamine in her system and was in the custody of tribal social services for the majority of her short life.

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