Look at What Texas Cops Had Their K-9 Do to This Young Black Entrepreneur…Because He Had No ID

*Man, since when is not having ID on you cause for arrest? In fact, since when is cutting grass and passing out business cards reason to approach and harass someone? I guess the answer is — its not a reason…

…unless you’re a Black man.

Marlin Gipson is a 20-year-old man who works a full time job, is a part time student, and mows lawns with his brother to help grow the family business. In fact, mowing lawns is exactly what he was doing when a police officer approached and started harassing him.

In the beginning of a video captured on Gipson’s cellphone,  we can’t see the officer’s face (nor Gipson’s) but we hear him say, “When an officer asks you to come to him…” he is interrupted by Gipson, who says, “Yeah that’s because I’m busy trying to make some money.”

The officer then interrupts Gipson and says, “I see you going from door to door.” To which Gipson responds, “I’m putting my business cards out.”

It seems this is a good time to shut this down when the officer responds, “Well that’s what I’m trying to find out.” But then Gipson says, “That’s all you have to ask. You see me cutting grass man.”

Then the cop says, “Let me see your ID,” and Gipson tells him, “I don’t have it on me.”

So the officer takes his pad out and begins to question Gipson; who responds telling his name, age, and date of birth. Gipson is very polite, with “sir” following his answers; but you can tell he is a bit frustrated.

He eventually asks the officer “What is this all for?” The officer, obviously stuck for the lack of any sensible answer responds, “What is what all for?”

Gipson reiterates the question.

“Whenever an officer asks you for your ID, you’re supposed to provide your ID,” the cop repeats. When Gipson says, “But I’m working,” the cop responds, “I don’t care what you’re doing.”

Things go from bad to worse when Gipson turns around and requests the cops information.

“OK, then can I have your card then, or you write your name down on something for me please.”

All of a sudden you can hear the cop say something in his radio. Gipson repeats the questions as the officer puts the small notepad he was writing on in his top front pocket and reaches behind him to pull out handcuffs.

“Tell you what, just turn around and put your hands behind your back,” the officer says. Apparently, Gipson has moved back, away from the officer, because we now see the officer’s face as he stands there holding the cuffs.

“For what?” Gipson asks. “Hey, nope,” you can hear Gipson say as he begins walking away from the scene, but is still recording. Now he is serving commentary about what is happening. He is telling someone what had gone down previously and says “I’ve got it all on recording.”

Still, not in a taunting way.

I for one am glad Gipson did not submit to the officer. This is a scene that has played out one too many times with the Black man always ending up in a body bag.

Gipson says, “We’re going to court, sir. Thank you.”

Mama always said cops hate a smart n*gger. This cop obviously detested Gipson so much that he returned to his home later that day, with another officer and a K-9.

Gipson may not have ended up in a body bag, but this is what he looked like following that visit.

Gipson told CBS News that the constables later broke down his door, tasered him and sicced a K-9 on him that left vicious bite marks on his arm. 

‘I can’t even lift certain stuff no more,’ Gipson told CBS news. ‘My arm is still numb in certain spots. I can barely lift it up.’ 


While holding up his business cards, he said: ‘I would still be doing this right here. Lawn service, making money that’s the goal? trying to support our family.’

By the way, Merlin got fired from his full-time job,  and he has since started a YouCaring campaign that has raised over $17,000 so far to cover medical expenses, pay for school expenses and assist with caring for his family since he’s out of a job. 

‘My brothers and I never wanted any of this to happen,” he said in a Daily Mail report. I’m a college student majoring in business accounting,’ Gipson wrote on the fundraising site. 

There’s much more. And you’re not going to BELIEVE the spin the officer’s superior has put on the whole thing to justify why the officer “did nothing wrong.”

You can also watch the CBS video here. I smell a tremendous lawsuit coming on. 

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