‘It’s the Pride Y’all!’ (What in the World is Happening With These Lions?)

*Guys, let’s take a break from the pain that has become our everyday news. I ran across a video you just HAVE to watch! Lions! But peaceful lions. The strange event happened in Kruger Park in South Africa. Its as if the lions are going through some kind of ritual.

Generally lions and human together are a dangerous mix, but this video has something magical going on.

Even the humans in the video are stunned. They are stopped in their tracks.

The music alone, not to mention the ritual of The Pride in the video (scroll down) is downright hypnotizing. I am not sure what in the world is happening.

It’s like some kind of “Day of Reckoning.” Haunting! No one speaks and no lions roar. Yet there is an understanding that something very special is happening here and you can sense the respect between the Pride and the humans.

…and that music tho’.

The video is a little over 18-minutes long, and oh, don’t let the title of the video fool you. I am still wondering what it has to do with anything. It’s a beautiful experience all around.

It will be best if you are wearing headphones, you will definitely get the total experience.

You’re welcome.

Watch, listen and let us know what you think its all about, OK?

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