Look At These Creative ‘Acts of Revenge’ On Cheating Partners (Hilarious!)

*Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned, right? And from the creativity put into some of these revenge tactics, saving face is becoming much harder to maintain. Here’s a handful of tactics girlfriends and boyfriends employed after they learned the other was cheating. I mean some of these things took some real time, and money, and a lot of thought to pull off.

Let’s call this one: Steven, you really effed up, dude!

Why have the traditional “Garage Sale” when you can personalize it by having an “Ex-Husband Sale?” 

Wait! Who’s that at the door? A cop trying to handle the situation or the ex-husband with a key that no longer works? Hmm….

Are you SURE home  is where you want to go today, honey?

This makes going outside to retrieve a newspaper downright boring.

Damn! Just damn!!!

Well THIS puts an entirely new spin on “getting axed!”

…and finally.

This dude did NOT take being cheated on lightly. Apparently, he had a BIG heart and wanted t spare the feelings of the next guy. So where oh where can he leave a note?

…under the toilet seat. Let’s just hope she doesn’t decide to clean the bathroom!!!

Oh this was too much fun! But don’t worry, there are plenty more ideas, er, creative photos to share on this subject. Visit IFLMYLIFE and take a look!

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