Tech Company in Wisconsin Implants Microchips In Employees (Watch)

*A tech firm in Wisconsin has convinced 50 of their 80 employees to allow them to implant a microchip into their hand. They didn’t even have to work hard to convince them. The company told them that this way, it will be easier to unlock the office doors, log into their computers, and even get snacks from the vending machines. My mama told me there’s a fool born every minute.

Here’s further proof she was right. 

According to ABC news, the voluntary intrusion is being called a “chips and salsa party” and Three Square Market will be the first company in the U. S. to implant the microchip — which will be implanted in the skin between the thumb and forefinger of any employee who volunteers.

Of course the company is sure to state they will not intrude on any of the employees personal infrastructure.

I don’t know, it seems kind of akin to handing a stranger my credit card, but trusting they won’t use it.

Sorry to judge, but that fool statement at the top of this article just snapped back into my mind.

Watch the video report below, which opened on Good Morning America today, to learn the deets on this latest intrusion, er, invasion, er, option.

Personally, I hope it won’t catch on!



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