This Beautiful Labrador Rides the Bus to the Park — Alone — Every Day (Watch)

*Anyone who has taken the time to recognize, knows how smart dogs are. I marvel at what they actually understand when a human talks to them. According to statistics, dogs have the ability to understand at least 165 words — generally simple commands like sit, walk, ball. I know our dogs go nuts the moment we say the word “walk.” So much so that we now have chosen to spell it out instead: W-a-l-k. This way, we figure, our girl dog (who we often have to remind that contrary to her belief, she IS still a dog) will be less stressed from hearing the word that is not always followed by the action. Just because we say the word does not mean you are going on one.

We were safe for awhile. But now I swear she has learned how to spell too.

I recently became aware of a story that reiterates this domestic animal’s ability to learn. Eclipse, a dog that is a cross between a black Labrador and a Mastiff, takes the bus every single day to the park so she can run and play.

No joke. No lie. We’ve got the video.

She’s a big deal in Seattle, and is often a talking point for many of its radio stations. But each day on the bus she undoubtedly runs into a good Samaritan who doesn’t know her story; thinks she is lost and attempts to help — until the bus driver lets them know, “she’s fine. She knows what she’s doing.”

It all started when Eclipse’s owner, Jeff Young, was at a bus stop waiting to take her to the park. Now, before we go any further I know you’re wondering why is this dude at a bus stop with a dog? Especially since its not a “service dog.” Well as it turns out, there is a law in Seattle that specifies it is OK for a domestic dog to ride on the bus; but it is at the bus driver’s discretion.

Now, to continue: Apparently Mr. Young was taking too long to finish his cigarette, so when the bus arrived, the dog, obviously impatient, jumped on; leaving the bewildered owner standing on the street.

Eclipse reached her destination and Young realized she knew exactly how to get to the park safely, and allowed the process to continue.

He even got her a bus pass.

Now he comfortably enjoys his cigarette and allows her to hop on the bus and go to the park alone, where he reunites with her later.

Watch the video of her entire story below. Smart doggie, Eclipse! Respect!



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