Kids And Their Brutal (But Funny) Honesty…Take A Look At Some of Their ‘Wrong’ Test Answers

*OMG. I dare you to say you’ve never LOL at some of the things your kid may have said in absolute innocence. I came across the funniest examples of some of their test answers recently. I can only imagine the teacher correcting the papers. They may have got the answers wrong, but they sure did provide that teacher (and now us!) with one good laughs.

Take this one.

Technically, it is right! And if you really wanted to be picky, you could argue the point. But let’s move on to another belly-aching laugh.

Now let’s be honest, isn’t what really makes this “wrong” a matter of opinion?

OK. On the test answer below, I’ve got to say, I’m with the writer. This kid has GOT to be dealing with some “issues.”

OK little Johnny, next question…

Lord have mercy. I am SO glad you can’t see me right now. Take a gander at this next test question. Now that I think about it, this was a set up!

Say it again: HELL!

This kid obviously had Beyonce on his/her mind while dealing with the question below. Hey, at least the teacher had a sense of humor…and listens to the radio, too.

I could go on with this for days. There is no lack of content believe me. But this next one, well, it’s not funny its…its…I don’t know, you decide. Its very light, but look closely at why this kid will miss school tomorrow. I’m assuming he meant a certain southern state.



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