Jurors acquit murder charges against Black man who pushed Asian man on train tracks (Watch)

Naeem Davis

*You may recall the December 2012 horror story about a man who had pushed another man onto the subway tracks, where he was killed by an oncoming train. The frightening photo made the front page of the New York Post.  

Well on Monday, the Black man charged with pushing the Asian man off of the train platform was acquitted.

That in itself is a head-turner. A Black man being acquitted? You must admit, that’s rare. But after hearing the details of what happened, although they didn’t change the outcome, they certainly described what precipitated the actions that led to it.

In June, reporter Catherine Li  described to jurors in court how she was able to capture the moments leading to a homeless Naeem Davis, 34, pushing an inebriated  Ki Suck Han, 58, off of a train platform onto the subway tracks on her cellphone.

In a New York Post article Li described the December 3, 2012 incident saying, ?Everything happened so fast. I heard people screaming, and I heard a train could be coming.?

?All the people on the platform were trying to stop the train. I was trying to wave my arms to stop the train, but it was panic ? everywhere was panic,? Li recalled this at Davis? murder trial in Manhattan Supreme Court.

?The train did not stop and it continued moving into the platform, and I thought the train hit the man because people were screaming but I didn?t see. I saw people running away.?

Li, 30, said she immediately told police about the video she took and was questioned at the police station for hours.

She also handed over a still photo she took of Han helplessly lying face-down on the subway tracks.

Davis, who was acquitted on Monday, maintained in court papers that he had pushed Han in defense. He said that he and Han had accidentally bumped into one another, and Han began taunting him.

Naeem Davis smiles as he leaves court after his acquittal.

According to a Yahoo News article, He said Han followed him down the platform, berated him with obscenities, grabbed his shoulder and hurled death threats. Davis claimed that after the accidental bump, Han began yelling, “I’ll kill you!” He also said Han was staggering and slurring his words.

“I don’t know you, you don’t know me!” Davis said he responded before trying to walk away.

Looking at the first video below, we see him telling Han to ?leave me the f?k alone, take your motherf*king a** over there and stand in line and wait for the train.?

Davis said that after Han tried to grab him, he pushed him away and described Han falling “head first onto the tracks and rolling like a bowling ball,” according to court papers.

Davis did admit in several reports that he watched as a helpless Han tried to climb off of the tracks. He said that as the train neared, he freaked out and ran.

Prosecutors charged Davis  with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

On Monday jurors dropped all charges and he was acquitted.

Here is the video of the fight that led to the fatal push.


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