Peek-A-Boo! Ever Wonder What ‘Chandelier’ Singer, Sia, Looks Like Without That Wig? (Photo)

*Sia! What the hell do you look like under that wig? It’s a brilliant strategy to spark curiosity (telling us we can’t see something, just makes us want to all the more); kind of reminiscent of Michael Jackson making his kids wear masks.  ‘Chandelier,’ from her sixth studio album, 1000 Forms of Fear, took over the radio airwaves when it debuted as the album’s lead single in March 2014. But the song has become the backdrop of many a workout regimen — including this writer’s. Sia also stands out because not only is she one helluva vocalist, but unlike most of today’s hot-to-trot singers, the singer/songwriter born Sia Kate Isobelle Furler in Austrailia is older than most of her colleagues. At 41-years-old, she is sought after by some of today’s hottest producers. In fact, she has written hits for numerous recording artists, and is featured on records by Eminem, Kendrick Lamarr, Flo Rider, Pusher T and Kanye West.

But her love of wigs is not for the reason you might think. 

According to Yahoo News, A friend and frequent tour mate, Maddie Ziegler, told The Insider last August that she’s often asked what the singer looks like when the wig is off. “A beautiful, loving, caring face,” Ziegler described. “People are always like, ‘Is she pretty? Is she ugly?’ I’m like, ‘She’s gorgeous and it’s not just on the outside, but on the inside too.'”

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The reason she wears the wigs…

This brilliant songwriter/singer is afflicted with stage-fright, which is why she uses the strategy to perform incognito, using elaborate wigs to conceal her face.

Recently, somehow, Sia was spotted sipping on a Starbucks as she goes to meet with actress Kate Hudson. How on earth did they know it was her? We’ll take their word for it.

Here she is!

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