Christian Mom of 10 Angered Over Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Article (Watch)

*Good lord! Oh wait, that’s the wrong terminology to use here. Heavens to Betsy. Wait. Still wrong. Ah hell. Definitely wrong! But that last one might be more apropos when it comes to how one Christian mother of 10 feels about the LGBTQ community, Planned Parenthood’s support of abortion rights, and Teen Vogue.

Screeching car sound.

Yes. Teen Vogue. Apparently, the latter has gotten on her last nerve. They had the unmitigated gall, in her opinion, to publish an article on anal sex! No big deal to many, but it certainly was to Elizabeth Johnston, the self-claimed “Activist Mommy.”

While none of us want to even believe our teen children are having sex, the growing rate of teen moms and the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases makes it a fact that’s hard to ignore.

Of course Teen Vogue makes an attempt to justify their stance on the topic. The article, entitled: Anal Sex: What You Need To Know (How To Do It the Right Way) opens with …

When it comes to your body, it?s important that you have the facts. Being in the dark is not doing your sexual health or self-understanding any favors.

With that sentiment in mind, we?re here to lay it all out for you when it comes to anal sex.

The article continues…It’s important that we talk about all kinds of sex because not everyone is having, or wants to have, “penis in the vagina” sex. If you do have “penis in the vagina” sex and are curious about something else, or are finding that that type of sex is not for you and you’d just like to explore other options, it’s helpful to know the facts. Even if you do learn more and decide anal sex is not a thing you’d like to try, it doesn’t hurt to have the information. Read more of the article here.

Hats off to the writer. I’m not there yet and my “baby” is grown with kids of her own!

Johnston is also not too thrilled about the publication’s support for LGBTQ youth, or gender fluidity  — a grey area for Teen Vogue — who recently received a boatload of backlash from readers when they used the term to identify 22-year-old model Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend, 24-year-old British recording artist, Zayn Malik (formerly of the group, One Direction). The two, shown below, made the August 2017 cover of the magazine and were labeled “GenderFluid” because they admitted, in the interview, that they borrow clothes from each other’s closet.


I don’t know if the “label” was correct one way or the other; and its not my intention to offend here, but I’m going to step out and say with the growing number of terms popping up to identify alternative lifestyles, perhaps someone “in the know” can create some kind of dictionary or Go-To site where us plain old straight people become more knowledgeable in real-time. I mean think about it. There was a time when gay or lesbian was the only two terms “out there” that we were familiar with. Being gay or lesbian is nothing new. Now, with the growing list of letters used to describe an entire culture (i.e. LGBTQ) you must understand that those not in the life (do they still say that?) might need some kind of introduction or refresher course to explain what the hell these damn letters mean.

Like my mama used to say: “Y’all ain’t gon’ worry me.”

Still, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, Ms. Johnston, lifestyles need to be respected. Even if it’s not your lifestyle. Moreover, as a mother of 10-whew that’s a lot-children, would it be such a bad idea for your teen(s) to learn about sex  in a healthy environment, with you there to guide that learning? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume sex education is obviously not one of the topics being taught or considered in your home-school.   

In her video Johnston, standing by a burning fire, tells viewers to go to the store and demand to see the owner and tell him/her to “remove Teen Vogue from the shelves immediately!”

She continues, as she begins to rip pages from the magazine and throw them into the fire, “These editors brains are in the gutter. Now let’s put their sales in the gutter where they belong.” 

And one last thing before I go: Elizabeth, an 11-year-old is not a teen, so why would they be a part of Teen Vogue‘s ‘target audience?’

Watch Johnson’s rant in the video she posted below. 

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