Watch: Black Barber Defends Decision to Grant White Customer’s Request for Confederate Flag Cut

*One day a story such as this may not even be necessary. One day people may actually respect another’s race, religion, sexual orientation and politics. But real talk: that day ain’t here yet. So today, we are sharing the story of how a white man walked into a Black man’s barber shop and made a daring request…and left in one piece.

Will you give me a Confederate flag cut?

OK, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But I had to set the stage for you, right?

?He seemed kind of scared when he first came in,? barber Demontre Heard, who gave the cut,  told NewsOne 6 about the yet to be identified customer. When the guy first came in he had originally asked for a different cut; one that paid homage to his favorite group, Slumerica. The design would have been  a flag with stars and lightning bolts. But it was going to be too complicated so he asked for a Confederate flag instead.

Of course the request turned the barbers head…at first.

?In the back of my head, I?m like, what kind of stuff are you on?? But in the end, he granted the customer?s request.

If you are wondering why a barbershop would grant such a request, especially in the Trump-inspired climate of open racism and hostility, you wouldn’t be alone. Many on social media may have stood by the barbershop, after Fade N Up owner, Cory “Scissorhands” Sutter, posted a photo of the cut, many were very much against it.

According to Sutter,  this cut wasn’t the first controversial request to come along.

?It?s been some gang members that wanted their sets in they head, but I never thought that [a Confederate flag request] would happen.?

As far as Mr. Heard, the barber who actually did the cut is concerned, naysayers can kiss his butt!

?You have the right to what?s your opinion, but at the end of the day your opinion doesn?t pay my bills and I have kids to take care of,? he tells those critics.

And you certainly can’t argue with that!

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