Couple Brutally Assaults Mother of Two Because of Broken Sippy Cup

*We keep seeing concrete evidence that people are losing their mind. Road rage incidents have escalated; hate crimes are at an all time high; and now, people are becoming enraged for something as simple as a child’s broken sippy cup.


Hey, I couldn’t make this sh*t up if I tried!

According to reports, an Ohio woman was beaten in a park by a couple after her child accidentally broke their kids’ sippy cup. The woman apologized profusely, and even offered to pay $10 for the broken cup, but the other mother became irate saying it wasn’t enough.  WAVY-TV reports the young woman was beaten severely — in front of her children — and left with a broken jaw.

The incident happened on June 10th at Westgate Park in Columbus.

Now look, I am not one to underestimate the importance of a sippy cup. I am both a mother and grandmother, so I know the importance of the cup. I have seen children go ballistic without either their pacifier, sippy cup or thumb! But c’mon, you can’t control your temper in anticipation of such an outburst? You actually get so mad that you send a woman to the hospital?

That’s what happened.

When the mom of the child who had broken the cup realized that even her second apology did no good, reports say she began to back away.

The New York Post reports, that?s when the angry mother put her 1-year-old child in a swing and walked up to the victim, whacking her in the face.

?The mother of the child whose sippy cup got broke is so upset she starts a fight with the other mother,? Detective Regina Dudley with the Columbus Division of Police said, according to WAVY-TV. ?An actual physical confrontation, and so they fight for a little but they separate.?

All of a sudden a man believed to be the attackers boyfriend walks up and hits the woman!

?You?re gonna knock this young mother out in front of her children ? the [woman?s] 3-year-old is probably a little traumatized. They?re wandering there through the park, it?s a sad situation,? Dudley said.

After regaining consciousness, the injured mom gathered her children and drove to a relative?s nearby home.

This woman had to get immediate surgery on her jaw and is permanently paralyzed on the right side of her face.


To add insult to injury, this mom lost her job while she was recuperating.

Meanwhile the attackers are nowhere to be found. Police are still looking for them.

Do you live in the area? Did someone mention this incident to you? Do you know who these people are? If you can help, please contact the police in Columbus, Ohio and have these insane attackers put away. This is absolutely ridiculous!


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