TNT Exclusive: Handsome Male Uber Driver Says He Is ‘Sexually Harassed’ By Female Riders…Often

*I’ve got news for you. As horrific as it is hearing stories of male Uber drivers who have gone rogue so-to-speak, and taken advantage of intoxicated women; no one talks about the intoxicated women who feel its OK to sexually harass male Uber drivers.

The handsome ones in particular. Oh what a double standard is woven here. 

Its not hard to picture either. These women who push up on their Uber driver. It’s an embarrassment that easily brings to mind many of the women on today’s reality shows. Those who will do anything for money; only in this case — where a male Uber driver is concerned — the excuse is just like the photo captioned below “He was fine AF though,” so all sense of self-respect or decency is thrown out of the window.

Even if he is your Uber driver! Out of the window goes any sense of professionalism on the woman’s part!!

I will leave his name out of it, but I recently had a conversation with a male Uber driver who says he constantly experiences what can easily be called sexual harassment.  Tall, dark and handsome by any account — and let’s not forget professional — this male Uber driver tells me about three separate incidents where women went over the line.

“I got a call from Santa Monica to take two girls to Nobu — a very popular restaurant in Malibu. Two girls I later learned were originally from Afghanistan, but reside in San Francisco, got into the car. It wasn’t hard to figure out they were both a bit tipsy. Immediately, they started with compliments that quickly turned uncomfortable; and in this particular case, I felt it was more of a race thing — you know, the whole Black man sexuality thing.”

The driver continues, “one of the women said, ‘Oh, nice car!’ The other one jumped in saying, ‘Forget about the car, nice driver!’ From there she reached over and felt my biceps,” the driver added, saying how he began to feel more like a piece of meat at this point. Then the women began to talk about how they were in town temporarily and asked the driver if he wanted to join them in their room at the Hilton in Beverly Hills.

Professional to a “T” — this driver declined.

Apparently no one race is more apt to act this way; as each experience the driver shares involves women of different races or cultures.

Mr. Male Uber driver continues. Now he is speaking of an African American woman who he picked up from a house party in Hollywood, CA. He asks me, “You know those conversations that starts with way too many compliments?” I shake my head ‘yes’ as he starts sharing the questions this girl asks, “Are you single?” and the tone of the conversation.

This driver, a heterosexual man who is very much unavailable, says that each time this kind of thing happens, he can’t help but think about the double standard in society. Especially when the touching occurs. He thinks about how, if the proverbial shoe was on the other foot, women don’t hesitate to call these men out.

But he has remained silent, until now.

My mind drifts for a moment as I think about how many women allow themselves to get so drunk; they make it easy for a man — especially a weak man — to take advantage of them.

This driver, the one I am speaking with, doesn’t excuse the men who act inappropriately. In fact, he’s disgusted by them. He refers to such men as “weak,” “stupid,” and “reckless.” By coming forward with EURThisNthat, he just wants to bring attention to the matter; let it be known that inappropriate behavior is not a one-sided thing.

In other words, women are very capable of sexual harassment too!

His third story shows how some women will even play the victim card to gain sympathy — while simultaneously flirting with him. He speaks of a Caucasian women, a bit older than the women in the previous examples, who got into his car and immediately delved into her personal life story. She spoke of how she had lost her husband; had become depressed, and was so lonely. At this point she reached over and touched his shoulder.

Here we go again, is the look I see on his face.

We won’t even talk about the flirtatious gay men. That’s pretty much a given.

I asked this male Uber driver, who also happens to keep a second phone in his car; one that he presses the “record” button  on when he feels it may be necessary, how does he respond when these women behave this way. He says, “You always try to keep the ride as comfortable as possible. So it doesn’t become even weirder. But I am not there to accommodate them, I just don’t want awkward. I provide excellent customer service, but it doesn’t extend to any personal, private entertainment. This behavior though, now seems to be becoming more of the norm.” 

A word of warning to female Uber riders, and ALL ride-share passengers who think its OK to go over the line of professionalism while being driven to a destination: You will start being reported to Uber, and lose your ride-share privileges. This kind of behavior is simply NOT okay. And there is no excuse whatsoever for it! 


3 thoughts on “TNT Exclusive: Handsome Male Uber Driver Says He Is ‘Sexually Harassed’ By Female Riders…Often”

  1. With the exception of touching him, which I still would not say is harassment I do not think this is illegal. Trying to see if he is interested is all. Guess he is different from most men.

  2. Yes, Mike Greene. I “guess he is.” In the rideshare business, the getting to know you by asking personal questions, touching you or inviting the driver or rider to your room is NOT an option. This particular driver wanted to — and adequately did — show how the double standard in such behaviors exist. Imagine how many more “rape/molestation” assertions would be made if this was allowed to become the norm. Dude, face it, some behaviors just cant be excused away.

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