Toddler Beaten Into Coma By Dad on Father’s Day Dies

Nylah Lewis

*What person called human could hurt this beautiful child? But Nylah Lewis was more than hurt, she was killed by her father on a day that was supposed to celebrate Fatherhood. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Reports say that Nylah had been taken to spend the day with her father, 19-year-old Shaquan Taylor. But just a few hours later, according to reports, Taylor sent a Facebook message to the child’s mother, 17-year-old Tammy Lewis, saying something was wrong with the baby.

It is suspected that Taylor beat the baby mercilessly. 

Shaquan Taylor

When the child’s mother arrived at Taylor’s home, she found her baby barely alive, lying face down on the couch struggling to breathe. She took hold of her baby and ran out into the hallway, but Taylor followed them, punched the mother unconscious, grabbed the child and handed her to a friend who then called 911.

Nylah’s condition was called “grim” once she arrived at the hospital. She had suffered multiple skull fractures and bleeding on the brain, and fought courageously for her life for five days. She passed away at 10:40 a.m. on Friday according to a statement from Maimonides Medical Center.

The piece of shit called her father had already been arrested; now he will most likely be accused of murder.

Tammy Lewis was only 14 when she and Taylor began their relationship. Taylor had been charged with sexual misconduct at the time of the 2015 union and one year later he was arrested for harassing her.

?My granddaughter is brain dead,? said Belinda Lewis outside the hospital where her daughter Tammy was sitting bedside. ?My daughter is devastated. She’s breaking down.?

The New York Post reports, Lewis has spent the last several days alternately praying for a miracle recovery and seething over the senseless act.

?He is a monster,? Lewis said of Taylor. ?Every time he goes to court I’m going to be there. He’s going to hate me because I hate him. I wish he’d kill himself.?

Lewis shares a touching Facebook video that shows how she wishes to see her baby again (I couldn’t watch it).

Tammy and Nylah

Taylor denied attacking the little girl, saying she fell. Investigators said none of the girl?s injuries are consistent with a fall.

Taylor even went so far as to claim that although he wanted the mother to have an abortion at first, once the child was born he turned into a doting dad.

In jail, his excuses about how the child was injured changed constantly; and he cried and pleaded for sympathy in a chat on Wednesday, and had the audacity to say he hasn?t been eating or sleeping since being locked up on Rikers Island.

?I didn?t do nothing. I didn?t do nothing at all,? he told the Daily News.

Is this a good time to mention this beast is expecting another child? A son this time…by a different woman.

Rest in peace, sweet baby girl. We are all feeling the loss of your mother and family.


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  1. Remember people God has warned us about these demons that are walking as LIGHT and or EVIL TO THE CORE : it will get worse so don’t be fooled the bible says man heart will fall at the things that is coming on the face of earth, so pray and be on the look out for these things and that way you know how to protect your love ones, this little one is in the presence of Jesus, what we all need to pray for this mother and this little one love ones on both sides, if you don’t have the blood of Jesus Christ covering you I pray that you allow Him to COVER you that is the only way that will last, MAY GOD BLESS US ALL in JESUS HOLY NAME AMEN.

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