Hey Ladies, Thinking About Plastic Surgery? Here’s Some Things You Ought to Know First (Watch)

*Hey, there is nothing at all wrong with wanting to, er, improve upon your assets. Some of us want to go bigger or smaller; some want lighter or darker, some want straight instead of crooked. Whichever applies to you, when it comes to someone working on your body, as the saying goes, “You don’t want to go cheap!” Moreover, you don’t want to go with a plastic surgeon who doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

I came across a video where two women not only share the details behind their botched surgeries; but learn from specialists right then and there what went wrong.

If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, this is information you need to have.

The stars of the show, Botched, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, inform two women on NBC’s Today show about what went wrong with their surgeries, and what to look for in a surgeon moving forward. The women, Kaylen Wagner, a white woman, and Kelly Johnson, African American, have had breast and nose surgeries respectively.

In Kaylen’s case, we see how “botched” her breasts were immediately following surgery. Wanting to become more “curvy” like the other women in her family, she was ready for a life-changing experience following the reveal. Well, suffice it to say she got it, just not the one she expected.

“Basically, I had implants ‘up here’ and breast tissue ‘down here'” Wagner explains as they cut to a photo of her horribly done breast augmentation. 

“Here’s the example, it was either due to scar tissue formation; which is the number one complication when it comes to breast augmentation — pushing the implants up — or improperly done plastic surgery; where the muscles [are] not released enough to make room,” Dr. Dubrow explains to the hosts. 

Kaylens breast aug nightmare is shared on Botched

Wagner was asked by host, Hoda Kotb, what the doctor said, after she told him what happened. “You’re going to be fine. You’re crazy, calm down, give it time,” Kaylen responds.

Of course thanks to Dr. Dubrow, who redid Kaylen’s breast augmentation surgery — correctly this time — admits she looks great now.

In cases like this ladies, don’t just assume the surgeon is board certified just because he or she says so. Kaylen’s surgeon told her that he was and she says, “There was a piece of paper on the wall.”

Dr. Dubrow advises, “The best way to check is to ask your surgeon if he is allowed to do that particular surgery in a hospital. He continues saying, “A hospital won’t let you do that particular surgery unless you’re board certified.”

Any surgeon that would lie in lieu of this is just begging to be sued, in my opinion, AND have ANY medical license revoked!

“I went in and when I came out my nose was tilted to the side and turned up, says Kelly — a model who went in for plastic surgery on her nose. She adds, “I was just devastated!”

Kelly talks about the disappointment and shock from her bad nose job

When asked what the doctor’s response to her bad plastic surgery was, Kelly said, “He said it would heal. It would do this and it would do that.” After returning to this same doctor an entire year later, with her nose still unhealed, the doctor performed more surgery.

“And it still wasn’t right,” Kelly said.

Dr. Nassif says that in order to redo Kelly’s bad nose job he had to take tissue from her rib. Her “new nose” looks great and it is much more to her liking.

Still, Dr. Nassif, who hadn’t seen the model since her surgery says, it will still take two years for the total look to be complete. Dr. Dubrow adds that plastic surgery on the nose is the most difficult plastic surgery of all. And is it any surprise that since the topic was on bad nose jobs, the King of Pop’s name surfaced?

No I won’t supply a picture. I trust one is in your memory already.

“We have that on Season 4, where patients who have lost their nose entirely; and we have to take tissue from the forehead to make them a new nose,” Dubrow states.

Look people, here’s the bottom line as you watch these doctors and patients speak on plastic surgery on the YouTube video below: Words matter, and how you use them is key. Dr. Dubrow says this is how these so-called “plastic surgeons” get away with doing botched surgeries. You ask if they are “board certified” and they say ‘yes.’ But as stated above, it may not be in that particular specialization.

They are banking on your ignorance.

Remember, the doctors above say ask them if they are board certified “in a hospital” to perform the particular surgery that YOU want. I’d go a step further and ask for proof of this.

Watch the Today Show video below.

BUT BEFORE YOU GO…Since this is the only place I will get to say this, as I am not a viewer of the Today Show, I found myself a bit unnerved by host Hoda Kotb’s comfort in cutting co-host Kathie Lee Gifford off mid-sentence whenever she attempted to speak. Does this always happen?

I found it unprofessional, unattractive and downright rude. From one professional to another and in the interest of how can you fix it if you don’t know something is wrong, I hope she sees this. @todayshow


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