Want to Travel the World? International Platform for Peace Wants YOU!


*Peace. What a concept! Even in this Trump-inspired environment; where racism, sexism and antisemitism has increasingly become more a part of the norm than sporadic incidents that occur here and there; one thing has become unavoidably clear: if we ever hope to have peace in this country and the world at large, we, the ordinary people, have to put our extraordinary pants on and get busy. To this end, the International Platform for Peace may be worth looking into.

Hooray for the folks who get up every morning and turn on CNN. Kudos to those of you who feel free to offer your commentaries of disgust on social media. And bravo to those who freely soapbox at every opportunity about what’s wrong with this country and the world. Now is YOUR opportunity to be a part of DOING because obviously KNOWING is not enough. 

You are urged to attend an informative breakfast where thoughts are not only shared, but plans are put in place to do something about them.

There are several levels of membership on the International Peace Platform, and community leaders, activists and all interested men and women are invited to learn more about the direction of the organization and the details surrounding membership at a breakfast on Saturday, June 24.  

Benefits of membership include World Travel, presentations to Heads of State and Foreign Dignitaries, Agents Against Peace Talks and more.

The membership level platforms are International Platform for Peace Cabinet Minister Member, International Platform for Peace Ambassador Member, International Platform for Peace United States Ambassador Member, International Platform for Peace Advisory Board Member, International Platform for Peace Yearly Member, International Platform for Peace Child Member.

The informative July 24 breakfast will be held at the HOMETOWN BUFFET in Torrance, California (Carson/Hawthorne major cross streets) from 8-9:30 AM.  To learn more and come to the breakfast YOU MUST RSVP to [email protected]

Visit the International Platform for Peace website to learn more about the organization and join.

Source: Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group

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