Racist ‘Trump-Inspired’ Boss Gets Sued By African American Employee

*Donald Trump’s influence continues to make ignorant white folk feel comfortable about displaying racism in any and all environments — with no filter. Take the office: where these folks have thrown professionalism out of the window and are constantly supplying Black and Brown people with social media content of their racist behavior. With hate and envy keeping them so busy, it’s amazing they have time to do any real work.

In a lawsuit filed by Southland Construction Management employee Tishay Wright — a Black woman, CEO  Kenneth Hayden and his wife, CFO Anita Hayden, have been accused of creating a racially hostile work environment. Wright seems to have plenty of evidence to back up her claim and one can’t help but think back to Trump’s self-proclaimed favorite word: STUPID when you see what some of that evidence is.

Not only does the employee reference the couple making comments like, ?We?ll just make the Mexicans do it,? Wright actually has a photo of a Christmas gift they gave her.

…and its a real doosie. Therein lies the stupid part (scroll down).

I can only imagine what the employee probably wanted to do upon opening this “gift.” But I’m thinking she kept her cool and came upon a better idea.

Her immediate thoughts may have sounded something like this, “I got something fuh yo’ ass!” 

According to a News One report,  Chris Dolan, Wright’s attorney, said his client felt shock and nausea when she opened the gift. He said it was a hostile message that caused Wright anxiety.

Apparently Hayden has pulled other crazy stunts of this nature. The lawsuit claims he removed Wright — a project manager with the company from June 2015 until March 9 of this year — from major projects; and at one time even threw her cellphone at her. In the lawsuit she also accusing him of assault and battery.

Below is the photo of Wright with the “gift” she received from the couple. The photos, pictured below that, were inside.

An image of the Confederate flag themed purse and photos given to Wright as a Christmas gift.

?No one should be treated this way in America in the year 2017. This country is going backwards and it has to stop,? Wright said in a statement, according to The East Bay Times.

Dolan told The East Bay Times the message from Hayden and his company couldn’t be any clearer.

?I stand with Trump and I?m racist. If you don?t like it, then get out of my business and out of my country.”

Yes. That’s as clear as any message can get. Now let’s see how a court in SOUTH CAROLINA responds.

Wright seeks unspecified damages.

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