Philadelphia Cop Stayed ‘Cool and Calm’ While Being Berated By TV Reporter Outside of Comedy Club (Watch)

*Whoa! This officer deserves some kind of cop of the year award according to the comedian who filmed him being called all kinds of cuss words by a PHL 17 TV reporter. As it turns out, on June 4 Colleen Campbell was booted from the Helium Comedy Club for being obnoxious, she called the cops hoping she would be let back in.

No such luck. The officer arrived. Was told by staff what had transpired and agreed that Campbell should not return inside. It was at this point that the reporter let loose a deluge  of cuss-words TV stations may had had to hire extra hands to bleep out. It was all caught on tape by comedian Wil Sylvince.

And we found the RAW cut so, be warned!

Campbell was beside herself standing outside of the comedy club with handcuffs on. She kept asking why she was being arrested saying, “I didn’t do anything!” This, in-between calling the Black police officer all kinds of c**ksuckers and telling him to lick her a**.

Good lord! 

Is it any surprise the video has gone viral? This begs the elephant in the room question: Do Black officers handle stress on the streets differently? Oh, and we can’t ignore this one: If the officer was white and the woman was Black, would the incident have be handled differently. After all, Sandra Bland did much less and look how that turned out.

But I digress.

In all fairness, at least with all the nasty words Colleen Campbell used in her obvious fit of rage, nigger was NOT one of ’em.

And while her statement after seeing the video shows humility and embarrassment, this wasn’t enough to save her job. She got canned from PHL 17, and headlines on the Internet have used the word “Ruined” as it pertains to her career.


Campbell, who claims she would have never drank so much that the incident would be as hazy as it is to her now says she believes she may have been “unknowingly drugged.” Her statement ends with her saying, “I am hopeful that the Philadelphia police officer who dealt with me Sunday night will allow me to apologize to him in person and express to him how truly sorry I am for what transpired.”

Here’s the video. Be warned of graphic language. Much worse than the word I used up top.

Your thoughts?

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